5 Thoughtful Gifts for Weddings

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Giving a wedding gift is more than just grabbing something off the shelf and wrapping it up with a pretty paper. Great wedding gifts are carefully chosen considering the couple’s taste, interests, wants, and needs.

Choosing a wedding gift is overwhelming especially if the couple is dear to your heart. You want the gift to be special to show your love and happiness as they finally become one. You want it to be memorable and something that will remind them of you and their big day for the years to come.

If you are not sure what to get for the up-coming wedding of a member of your family or friend,Guest Posting here are 5 special gift ideas to help you decide.

1. Special Item on Their Wedding Gift Registry. Many couples have a wedding registry to let the guests know what they want and need the most. This is also a good way to avoid getting similar gifts, such as getting four toasters. A wedding registry is like a wish list that you can take advantage of because each item is specifically chosen by the bride and groom. Pick one that you think is the most useful for the couple. Hint, the most expensive item on their list could be their dream gift. If you are wealthy enough why not purchase that dream gift for them. If not, you can ask other guests like family or friends to chip in. The couple would be so glad to know that their group of friends or family contributes together to get them their most desired gift.

2. Personalize Items. If you want to get something that is not in their wedding registry then a personalize item is a good choice. Everyone has probably thought of giving pillows, picture frames, or towels, while these are all useful it can easily be forgotten. Simple items can turn into special and have sentimental value by personalizing them such as: a picture frame with their names and wedding date, a painting of them that you created, or a pair of pillows with a collage of their pictures.

3. Cookbook. Once a couple get married and have kids, they will have fewer opportunities to go out to dinner and instead would prefer cooking their own food and entertain friends. A cookbook is a good guide for them when learning new recipes.

4. Honeymoon Extras. If you happen to know when and where the couple is going for their honeymoon, you can purchase some add-ons for them to make their honeymoon extra special. Upgrade their plane tickets to first class, get the best room on their hotel accommodation, give them a gift certificate for a fancy local restaurant, or book a day trip on the most popular attraction in the area they’re going.

5. Cash Gift. You might be thinking that money is not thoughtful or special but you are wrong. Most newlyweds are saving up with goals such as a house, a car, or an expensive appliance. Money can help them achieve these goals in a shorter time that they expect to. The couple would be happy to receive your thoughtful gift as they know that you are sincerely thinking of their wants and needs as they start their new life together. Monetary gifts are indeed appreciated as much as others gifts.

I hope you find this article helpful in finding the best wedding gift for your family or friend. Remember, the best wedding gift is not necessarily the most expensive but those that are chosen with care and are heartily given. 

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