7 Destination Wedding Etiquette Rules

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Make sure that you know these rules of etiquette before you start planning your wedding.  Using the correct etiquette can cut down on a lot of hurt feelings.  Use these tips to help your wedding go much more smoothly.

Before you plan your wedding you need to know so many things. It can be frustrating to learn everything you need to learn. There are so many rules of etiquette that need to be memorized in order to plan a good wedding that will run smoothly. You can learn these rules by researching on the internet and reading a lot of wedding books. It isn't as complicated as it seems if you make sure that you plan correctly to begin with. Read the following rules and memorize these before you start planning your wedding. You will be so glad that you did. Destination wedding etiquette should always be followed in making your wedding plans. Make sure that everyone is not offended by breaching etiquette when it can be easily deterred. Be respectful of all that are involved in your wedding.

1. Send invitations early. You guests will need plenty of time to plan and prepare to go. This should be done four to six months prior to the wedding. Make sure you plan ahead for this.

2. Register for gifts at a store that is convenient for your guest to shop at. Allow them to buy them and bring them to the wedding. This will help things run much more smoothly.

3. If you are getting married in a location far from home then the gifts should be mailed to the home of the couple getting married. This is important to figure out.

4. Before the wedding planning even begins,Guest Posting the couple needs to decide who should pay for what. The etiquette on this varies from culture to culture so you will need to research and find out what is appropriate.

5. Send a wedding announcement to anyone who did not go to the wedding. Give them another chance to buy you a present and also allow them to know how it went. Send pictures if possible. They will love this.

6. Pay for the wedding party if you are getting married away from home. Pay for all of their travel needs. Also, give them time to prepare and plan. This is good etiquette.

7. Do not put the kids names on the envelope if you don't want them to come. You can have an adults only affair you just need to let them know. Be upfront and honest about it. Also, don't be upset if they cannot come. Getting a babysitter can be really difficult.

If you keep these rules of etiquette in mind then you will have a lot less feelings hurt. Of course, there are many other rules that you will need to learn. Do your research before the planning of the wedding begins. No one plans on hurting other people's feelings when planning a wedding but it seems to happen a lot of the time. Eliminate a lot of hurt feelings by remembering to use the rules of etiquette. It is also best to be straight forward with your guests and with your wedding party. This can prevent most hurt feelings. Above all, have fun at your wedding and have a great time planning it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You wedding is your wedding, make it what you want it to be. Destination wedding etiquette should be followed and you should not have any breaches of etiquette. This is very important so do your research. Make sure that you know the rules.

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