African American Wedding Invitations

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Brides have always come in a variety of skin tones, and it's about time some wedding stationery was developed to celebrate African American roots. Finally, that stationery is here, and there's no need to be stuck with a blonde blue-eyed bride on your stationery or as a cake topper.

In stationery,Guest Posting gold and ivory is all the rage. Invitations in this color combination can match any wedding color theme.  They can be elegant, casual or chic. Make your invitation cards fancy by choosing delicate Ecru paper or a different type of fold. There are several ways to add an ethnic touch to your wedding invitation cards. First of all, you need to think about your wedding style. Is your event going to be a traditional African style wedding with African cultural dress? Is it going to be a more traditional American or European wedding where the bride wears a white dress and the groom sports a tuxedo? Do you plan to incorporate any African symbols or designs in your wedding décor, favors, or table centerpieces? Before choosing your invitations it's important to know what you want the rest of your wedding to look like. For a very African style wedding, choose invitations showing a bride and groom in traditional wedding attire. This will make a colorful invitation and show guests that they are welcome to wear their traditional wedding clothes as well. Choose invitation cards with ancient Ethiopian symbols, foil tribal symbols, or different African designs and patterns to show that your wedding is not going to be just a traditional “Western” event. Even if you don't plan to put much cultural flair into your wedding, you can choose to have a card depicting an African American bridal couple. A delicate pencil sketch or a drawing etched in gold will show guests they are expected to dress up and that would probably fit in more by wearing modern dresses and suits. To make the invitation more personal, put your own photo in the invitation. Guests, especially those great aunts who haven't seen you since your childhood, will appreciate seeing what you and your fiancé look like. Even if guests are unable to attend the wedding, they will feel as if they've been a part of it by receiving a photo wedding invitation card. These styles of cards give you some great options when it comes to incorporating your heritage in your big day. Browse the options until you find something that fits your personality and your wedding style.

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