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Are in you looking for that rich tradition to add to your timeless reception? Bag pipers in Michigan are great, and they will add that nostalgic touch to your celebration. Read our article for tips on what might be appropriate times to use your piper.

There are many talented bagpipers in Michigan that will add flare to your wedding reception. Bagpipers are great since they add a certain vibe to your special day. They work with any ethnicity,Guest Posting and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

There are many wedding receptions in Michigan every year that have Bagpipers in Michigan performing for their wedding reception. They can do a great job by creating a dramatic entrance for the bride and groom while entering into the facility or any other formal portion of your celebration. Besides these times of the reception, you could also choose to have your bag piper play for 20 minutes during dinner or cocktail hour. The most popular choice by clients is to have the piper play before and after the wedding ceremony.

Before the Ceremony

This is not a popular choice by newlyweds. However, depending on your tastes a piper can play a song or two while guests are arriving. They can even play a tune and walk down the aisle. This is usually a special requests, that you would have to mention to the piper you have reserved. Most pipers stay very busy due to the scarcity of their trade, if they are seasoned professionals, then they should have some recommendations for you.

During the Ceremony

An appropriate time to have a piper play during your wedding ceremony is half way through during a candle lighting ceremony. This is called many things, and depending on what tradition you are going with will determine the style of your piper. A common recommendation is to play Amazing Grace. Music during this part of the ceremony should be kept to a two song maximum. Please keep in mind that most ceremonies only last fifteen minutes.

Receiving Line

This part of your wedding happens after your ceremony and before cocktail hour. This is when guests will walk up and congratulate you on the commencement. This typically last ten to fifteen minutes. Your goal for the piper should be ambient background music as guests make their way through the line.

Cocktail Hour

This is a favorable time for the bagpiper to play during your reception. This part of your wedding happens while you are taking pictures with your photographer outside. The piper will supply forty-five to sixty minutes of continuous music. This is great if your family is expecting a piper at your special day. They will have enough time to soak in the live experience while mingling with your family and friends.

Grand Entrance

What better way to start your new life together than with a bag piper to highlight your formal recognition in front of all your guests. This is a common choice by clients and a wonderful time to utilize your piper’s rental time. You can have them play and march two songs during the grand entrance. It is easy to segue into dinner music; the piper can play for an additional twenty minutes here. Either way regardless of tradition, if you think this is a perfect time slot, go for it.

Bag Pipers in Michigan

Fees will vary across the board. You will get what you pay for. These rates differ on travel time, hours of employment, and songs requested. A few important rules of thumb is to get by several recent references and to interview with several professionals. There is a lot on the line for your special day, go with the bag piper in Michigan that makes you feel comfortable with the entire process. Good luck and congratulations!

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