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If you are close to someone getting married, a creative wedding gift can be the perfect way to provide the couple with a personalized memento for their big day.

When you are close to the bride-to-be or groom,Guest Posting it could possibly be challenging to think of a creative wedding gift. Giving them a creative wedding gift that shows you put thought and energy into the present will demonstrate to them that you care a lot. Well, why not try these creative gift ideas that can help you show the bride and groom how much they mean to you personally.

Picture Frames

Picture frames make the perfect gift that many newly married couple are able to use. They'll have and constantly be taking a great deal of photographs since they have just started a whole new life together. Help them cherish all their new experiences together by giving them a few picture frames. Another creative idea is to get one frame engraved with their wedding date to allow them to put their wedding photograph inside.


Husbands and wives appreciate presents that allow them to share a new experience together. Depending on the cost, you could potentially choose anything from sending them to an exotic locale to a hot air balloon ride. Literally, you are only restricted by your creativity. You will find literally limitless choices. I have provided a few more suggestions below to help you get started.

-              Couples cooking classes

-              Online movie subscriptions

-              Music tickets

-              NBA tickets


At first it may appear weird to give the couple a tree or plant as their wedding gift. However, one of my friends acquired a tiny cherry tree when she got married. She planted the cherry tree in the front lawn of her new home and every time she notices it, she gets happy simply because she remembers her wedding. By gifting a tree, you give the couple a gift which will last a long time and serve as a symbolic representation of their love.

Look on Etsy

Look on Etsy for a lot of creative wedding gifts. Hand-crafted and vintage products are wonderful gifts to watch out for on Etsy. With this kind of option, once again, you have just about unending options. Take your time searching the entire market place and I assure you will discover a wonderful gift!


Antique shops in your area are an excellent place to take a look at. Larger antique shops should have a larger variety that you can look at. Depending on the bride and grooms personas, you could potentially give them anything from a classic firearm to sports memorabilia. It's usually wise to look around and locate the lowest price before buying anything. Most times, the purchase price is never set in stone and you may bargain it down to what your ready to give.

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