How to Plan the Dream Wedding in Six Months?

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Love can't wait, so let's break the norms and help you plan your dream wedding in six months only. By the way, we can see your eyebrows raised. But you've read it right; six months are more than enough. Just follow our lead, and bear till the end.

Six months out:

Set the wedding budget

The first step toward successful wedding planning is to start with finances. Do the math with the groom-to-be and decide how much budget you will allocate for your big day. We advise you not to set a fixed budget as many unplanned expenses might surprise you. So,Guest Posting keep a flexible and reasonable budget. 

Plan the guest list 

We're telling you ahead that preparing a guest list plan won't be the most enjoyable part of your wedding planning. However, it's a critical one that will make or break your celebration. Because that big day won't be special without fun and loving people, you and your fiancé should invite all your friends and family members that you both feel happy around; they will spread positive vibes. 

Tour probable venues 

The wedding venue will say a lot about you and the kind of wedding you're hosting. So, are you an indoor or outdoor couple? Are you more into a classic lavish wedding in a luxurious event venue or into sun-drenched sand and azure water on a beach?

Set a list of possible wedding venues, and tour them online to save time. This step will help you narrow down your venue's options to two or three. Then, you can give the venues that made it to the finale an in-person tour.

Five months out:

Decide on the theme

A lot of couples prefer to add their special personal touch to their wedding venue by decorating it with specific color palettes or themes. So, if you're one of those, figure out your dream wedding theme ASAP, as it will compel you to find a professional wedding planner. The most famous wedding themes in 2022 are classic, glamorous, rustic, etc. 

Hire your wedding vendors

Apart from venue decoration, there're many services your wedding will need. You will absolutely have to hire a photographer to capture the unrepeatable and happy moments, a DJ to spice the atmosphere with loud music, and a caterer to feed the guests' rumbling stomachs. The internet is a great tool to save time in the case of a last-minute wedding. So, make good use of it to get matched with the best vendors in town.

Shop for the dress

Well, here's the part that all brides-to-be enthusiastically wait for, the lovely wedding dress. Go wild, bride, and visit all the wedding dress shops you've ever passed when you were single until you say yes to the dress. It will be a long trip, but it's worth it.

Four months out:

Send save-the-date cards

Now that you have prepared a fixed guest list let your loved ones know that the wedding has become official, and it's a matter of months until they will witness the official declaration of your unfinished love. 

Select the bridesmaid's dresses

Your dear girlfriends will be mingling around the venue all through the wedding, and you know that the groomsmen are a great catch. So, your friends must look stunning and steal some attention. That's why you have to be a good friend and find them the best dresses that will fit the different shapes and colors of their bodies at affordable prices.

Choose the wedding cake.

Your wedding cake will be the venue's centerpiece and the long-awaited dessert. So, it should taste delicious and look impressive. You definitely won't order the cake four months in advance; however, finding the best wedding cake will take on a heavy burden. 

Three months out:

Order the invitations

Use online websites to design your wedding invitations. Go creative and make sure the design matches the wedding theme and overall atmosphere. The wedding invitations will form the first impression about the celebration. So, they have to be great. After you're done with the invitation's design, you can send it to the print shop.

Golden advice: order extra invitations as there might be mistakes in some of them.

Prepare guests' favors.

Wedding favors are a very heartwarming gesture that guests will appreciate no matter how simple it is. You can DIY or order them online. 

Write your vows

It's time to bring that poet inside of you to life. Express to that lucky man that he has deserved his place in your heart. Keep the paper where you write your vows as a remembrance; you will thank us later. 

Two months out:

Send the invitations 

Well, since it's becoming closer now, and the clock is ticking, guests should receive their invitations, so they clear their schedule and get ready to be there for the bride and groom-to-be. 

Buy your groom a gift

Is your groom a classic man who adores expensive watches and whisky decanters, or is he a romantic and emotional guy who would appreciate a custom-made book or personalized bracelet? He deserves a little gift, don't you think so? And there's no better occasion to show him that you care for him, so seize it.

One month out

Do a makeup and hair trial.

The wedding queen has to look stunning. So, to avoid unpleasant situations of messy hair and ugly makeup, it would really help if you scheduled an appointment with your stylist. The look won't actually be complete without the dress; however, you'll get a sneak peek at your final bridal look.

Pack the honeymoon bag

This fun task will be a little break from your wedding planning stress. And because there will be a lot to arrange after your wedding, from your wedding dress to the wedding gifts, it would be better to back your honeymoon pack in advance. Pack all your favorite clothes as you will be taking a lot of memorable pictures in there!

Check with the vendors.

The countdown has started, and it's now time to make sure the dream team will come on time. Confirm with them the timing and provide detailed information about the location. 

You made it!

Congratulations! You've successfully planned everything about your dream wedding in a very short timeframe. So, rest assured, and enjoy this month. We advise you to spoil yourself and spend a day at a spa with the girls to eliminate the stress. Take the best care of your skin by eating healthy food and drinking enough water to look more beautiful than you are. 

It's a matter of 30 days, and you will turn from a fiancée to a souse. The stress has officially ended, and you can now enjoy your wedding then, your honeymoon.  

We wish you a long and happy married life!

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