The Rise of Sapphire Engagement Rings: A Beautiful Option

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The availability of new treatments means sapphire engagement rings are now a real choice if you want something different and beautiful.

Growth in popularity

The renewed interest in sapphire engagement rings is partly due to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring given to her by Prince William. Before that,Guest Posting the same ring was given to Diana Spencer by Prince Charles at their engagement, but there is more to the story of how sapphires have grown in popularity and demand in the past thirty years.

Affordable option

Sapphires have gone from being scarce and rare to being an affordable option as a gemstone for your engagement ring. Prized for jewellery for thousands of years, they were once one of the most precious, valuable and desired gemstones in the world.

Sapphire engagement rings range from a deep blue to the rarer pinkish orange. For thousands of years, they were mined in Cambodia, Kashmir and Thailand. These mines have been stripped of their deposits..Previously, many mined sapphires from other parts of the world were not of high enough quality to sell, or the colour was either too dark or too pale. The development of heat treatments in Thailand in the 1990s has meant that the impure colours can be adjusted to meet the markets’ requirements.


Whereas formerly sapphires from the mines of Sri Lanka, Australia, and Madagascar did not have the colour demanded by customers, these stones could now be heat-treated to create the colours desired. This method has been controversial because there is no way to tell if a gem has been heat-treated or not, and some dealers were not informing buyers about the sapphires’ history. This meant that the designers of sapphire engagement rings, as well as other jewellery designers, were unaware whether the gemstones they were using had undergone this treatment.

Demand for change

The gem industry is being pressured by customers to disclose where and how sapphires have been mined and what treatment, if any, they have undergone. There is growing awareness of the indisputably disreputable methods some mining companies adopt, and if they wish to maintain confidence from designers and customers, they need to become more transparent.

If you have started looking at sapphire engagement rings and are concerned about what you are spending your money on, it is advisable to do some research first and ask your designer or retailer the history of the gemstones. There should be no reason for this information not to be readily available, and the more people ask, the more pressure it puts upon the industry to implement change.

Sapphires are beautiful and are growing in popularity as a choice for engagement rings. With the right information to hand, they are definitely worth looking at as an option, particularly if you like their different depths of blues and their rarer shades..

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