Is the wedding dress the most important part of a wedding?

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There isn’t a woman in the world that hasn’t pictured herself in a wedding dress at least once in her life. 

Weddings are different all around the world but there are a few things that all of them have in common. They all have a ceremony,Guest Posting a party and a very special wedding dress. But what is really the most important part of the wedding. Is it the ceremony, that magical and mystical moment when you vow eternal love to your chosen partner? Is it the party, when you celebrate your happiness with all the people you love? Or is it the fairytale dress that you always wanted to wear? Well some men may think they know the answer but they would be wrong. The right answer is of course the dress. When we are little and we go to a wedding our eyes are always on the bride. We want to be as close as possible to her, to help her with her bouquet and to touch the very pretty dress. Then we go home we put a white sheet around us and some flowers in our hair and we parade around the house imagining we are as beautiful as the bride. This may sound silly to some men but it is in the nature of a woman to act like this. Whether we admit it or not we all did this at least one time when we were little. So it is obvious why this is so important to us. The wedding dress represents the fulfillment of a childhood wish.

There is however a lot of pressure on choosing the dress. The wedding day is the day when all eyes are on the bride so mistakes of any type are not allowed. The dress must look perfect and so do the accessories, the make-up and the hair. Be sure that all the elements match each other creating a perfect outfit.

When you pick the wedding dress try to pick something that compliments your body. Also you want to feel comfortable in it because it will be a long and exhausting day. Don’t even think about saving money by choosing a dress made from a low quality material. You may only ear it once but if it you make a wrong move and you end up with a ripped dress for the rest of the day you will regret your choice. There are many things to take into account when choosing the wedding dress so make sure you have plenty of time to decide on the perfect one.

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