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Our journey began in 2014 with the opening our award winning studio in Gurgaon, India, called ‘The Wedding Card Co. by Rohan & Aparna’. Since then, we have created elegant wedding invitations for numerous families not only across India but also globally.

wedding invitation card is not complete without an accompanying RSVP Card. Planning a wedding becomes easier if you know which guests are attending which functions so that you can make suitable arrangements. RSVP is a french term that means “Respondez S’il Vous Plaît” and in simple English,Guest Posting it means “Please Respond”. RSVP cards are typically smaller in size than the wedding function inserts, and are placed on top of them held together with a band.

While RSVP cards are a western concept, they can be well adapted to an Indian wedding. RSVP cards for Indian weddings typically include the following information:

  • Functions: When you have multiple functions such as Sangeet, Mehendi, Wedding and Reception, like in a typical Indian wedding, you can list all of them so that your guests can tick their attendance accordingly
  • Food choices: You may even ask for food preferences such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan, and even ask about known allergies if any.

A wedding RSVP Card also contains contact details, using which your invitees can send in their attendance and food preferences. There are two broad ways to get an RSVP from your guests.

  1. Electronically: In cases where you’d like your guests to RSVP electronically or digitally, an email address and a phone number can be mentioned on the RSVP Card. If you have made a wedding website, you can mention a link to the RSVP page on the website. Ideally, you should mention just one way for guests to RSVP because it becomes challenging to keep track otherwise.
  2. Physically: There are Brides and Grooms who prefer the classic way of RSVP’ing physically. In these situations, you can add an envelope to the RSVP card. The envelope has the return address already printed on it, so your guests just need to fill in their details and have it posted. This makes it very easy for guests to RSVP. We at The Wedding Card Co., offer an RSVP envelope option for this particular reason

For wording help on RSVP cards, please have a look at the wedding invitation wording section of our website. We have a lot of RSVP wording templates, adapted to Indian weddings. You can download whichever one fits your wedding format the best and edit it to your liking.

Importantly, an RSVP card should match your wedding card design so that it looks like it’s a part of a full set. At The Wedding Card Co., we have a matching RSVP card and RSVP envelope for each printed wedding card design. This way, you can choose any designer wedding card you like from the hundreds of options available, and still have your RSVP card in the same theme. To make it easy, we have placed links to the matching RSVP card in the description of each printed wedding card.

RSVP cards typically feature in NRI wedding invitations. For weddings in India, a separate RSVP card is not very popular. Brides and Grooms in India prefer to have RSVP mentioned in the main invitation itself, or on the envelope. RSVP information, in these cases, includes a name and a phone number in case guests would like to reach out for any queries.

In case you’re planning on having a RSVP card in your invitation, make sure to start sending out invitations 6-9 months in advance of the wedding. This makes it easy not only for the guests, but also for the hosting family in terms of planning the catering, room bookings, thank you gifts and so on.

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