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With the ... of online ... there is no need to be ... about walking into a shop and ... sex toys. With such a range of items to choose from where does a girl/guy start? Fe

With the introduction of online shopping,Guest Posting there is no need to be embarrased about walking into a shop and purchasing sex toys. With such a range of items to choose from where does a girl/guy start? Fear not miss kensington is here to help, providin great ideas to turn you and your partner on. Most people think about sex toys in terms of a vibrator, handcuffs and a blindfold or mask, so i will talk you through some of the less known items you can have in your draw! My top 5 are:

Bondage tape: My favourite colours are black and pink, you can use it to create outfits, restraints and much much more! I recommend strapping around your tits and also just above your crutch and then wrap to one side of you thigh. Makes a great outfit to enter the bedroom. Safe and certainly not sticky!

Remote control toys for couples: One of the best toys on the market is called a mikakodori. The unit is small and discreet where you will clip is on your
belt of underwear. You have a small object which will vibrate and you place this close to a G-Spot. Them your partner has a remote and will set the speed
to pleasure you while noone else notices!

Rope: Bondage is great fun and very playful. I recommend going for a silk rope version for beguinners. Silk basically means it wont chafe or damage delicate skin. a 5m rope you can also learn to make your own handcuffs and eye masks. Great Value!

Straps: This is one for the guys to enhance the doogy style position. When in the doggystyle position, the strap is placed on the womans tummy giving the controller a grasp stap either side. It allows deeper penetration since the controller users the upperbody to pull towards rather than pushing.

Nipple Clamps: Designed to enahnce the nipple sensation which is commonly a G-Spot for most women. Since we all dont have 6 pairs of hands and cannot be in many places at the same time, clamps are great for continual nipple tension. Cock rings are also available for the guys.

Other fun items are liquid latex, where you paint your partner into a latex film great fun and no restctions for sex.

Safe sex is the only kind of sex! Love Miss Kensington

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