Understanding the Requirments for US Fiance Visas

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The legal implications of Marriage Visas

To enter the U.S. through marriage,Guest Posting one needs a Fiance Visa. As there are various Fiance Visa requirements, it is essential to know the basic laws pertaining to the Fiance Visa process and Fiance Visas in general.

The Fiance Visa processing takes about 120 days. Only after the marriage takes place, can the foreign citizen can apply for the Green Card visa. This visa gives them a permanent citizenship status as per U.S. visa requirements. The foreign citizen can thus migrate to the U.S. with the help of the Fiance Visa but it should comply with the laws of both the countries.

The Fiance Visas (also known as K1 Fiance Visas) are given to those who wish to marry U.S. citizens. The couple must marry within a 90 day time frame. After the marriage takes place, the foreign citizen can apply for a Green Card to become a permanent citizen. They can then enjoy the rights of the citizens except for the right to vote, which they get after 5 years.

To obtain a Fiance Visa, there are certain U.S. visa requirements that have to be met. The petitioner who applies for the Fiance Visa must be a permanent member of the U.S. Also, Green Card holders cannot apply for the K1 Fiance Visa. Both persons must be legally entitled to marry as per the rules of both the countries. If previously married, he/she must be divorced or widowed. Both the petitioner and the fiance must have the intention of getting married within 90 days after the arrival of the foreign fiance in the U.S. See visas-for-marriage.com for other requirements.

It is mandatory that they must also have met 2 years prior to the filing of the Fiance Visa. The petitioner must also have a minimum income requirement that is above the poverty level set by the Congress every year. The foreign fiancee must not have any criminal record. Finally, he/she must pass the medical exam at a clinic approved by the U.S. consulate.

Once the petition is made to the INS, it approves and forwards to the appropriate U.S. embassy. The embassy then conducts the final interview.

Once the Fiance Visa requirements are met, the Fiance Visa is not difficult to obtain. So you can now proceed with confidence!

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