Unusual Engagement Ring Designers and the Fiery Ruby

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The dazzling ruby can make a most unusual engagement ring. Designers find it a joy to work with.

This year has seen unusual engagement ring designers focusing on gemstones and stepping away from the classic diamond. Many different gems have had their turn in the limelight,Guest Posting such as sapphires, opals, amethysts and emeralds - and this time it’s the turn of the ruby. Registering as a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, rubies are extremely durable and therefore make great gemstones for jewellery, particularly pieces which are worn everyday. Not only that, but they are also very beautiful and come in all different shades of red.


Rubies have been highly regarded throughout history as far back as the first century AD. Rubies were associated with rebirth and safety by ancient Hindus, and in Burma, warriors would go as far as molding rubies into their flesh to remove all vulnerability during battle. In medieval times, rubies were believed to bring love, wisdom, health and riches. They were strongly desired by the upper classes and royalty. The 18th century saw the ruby used to create the perfect unusual engagement ring. Designers paired them with diamonds as the combined meaning of both stones meant everlasting love.


In modern alternative medicine, rubies are worn for energy and heightened awareness. They have deep connotations with love and passion and are said to strengthen a couple’s bond and to emphasise faithfulness. These traits make a ruby a very popular choice for an unusual engagement ring. Designers are often asked to combine the ruby with accents from other gemstones to strengthen the healing properties even further. In terms of folk psychology, the ruby is greatly revered because of its perceived ability to dissolve nightmares and emotional attacks. It is best worn at night when its shielding properties are said to be strongest.


Rubies are luckily versatile enough to go with most types of metals. A perhaps more historic combination is that of the ruby and rose gold, which was seen more commonly during the late Victorian period and is now viewed as an unusual engagement ring. Designers often advise the combination of a ruby with a platinum band to create a ring which is extremely durable and can be worn everyday without worry.

The most popular cut for a ruby is the round cut, as it creates the same brilliance as a diamond. A slightly more unique but romantic choice is the heart cut, which appeals to wearers as the fiery red of the ruby looks truly splendid in a heart shape. With its combination of strength and brilliance, there are so many things you can do with a ruby gemstone to give you the ultimate unique design.

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