Why Do Fewer Couples Opt for a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring?

Jan 24


Lisa Jeeves

Lisa Jeeves

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Despite tradition, there are fewer people opting for a yellow gold engagement ring.


A yellow gold engagement ring is beautiful and durable,Why Do Fewer Couples Opt for a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring? Articles but most people choose platinum, palladium or white gold. The main reasons for this are the appearance and rising cost of gold set with a white diamond.

At the moment, the trend in the jewellery market favours the combination of a white metal with a white diamond. The industry suggests a white metal and white diamond make for the most romantic engagement rings. Yellow gold, on the other hand, is less fashionable and slowly increasing in price. It is also seen in a lot of other high-street jewellery. Let’s have a closer look at the exclusivity of a gold engagement ring and see why yellow gold bands have been on the decline for many years.

The Importance of the diamond

The diamond has become the most important part of the ring to both the purchaser and wearer. An extravagant gesture or a sign of love, the diamond has become the main focus of an engagement band. Most people look at the gemstone and offer compliments based on this, so the metal chosen by the purchaser is often the one to complement a valuable diamond. The diamond is the most expensive part of the ring, so why not make it sparkle against the most suitable metal?

It has become the general opinion that white metals such as palladium or platinum make the diamond stand out with more brilliance and show off its clarity and colour more appealingly. As a result, the idea of a yellow gold engagement ring has become less romantic and white metals have become more popular.

White gold has replaced yellow gold in terms of popularity because it is a white metal that looks similar to palladium or platinum but is much cheaper. It also shares the same wearable characteristics as gold in comparison with silver which scratches more easily.


The price of gold is becoming much higher and, therefore, less affordable. That said, this could make a yellow gold engagement ring much more exclusive and make it more desirable to many couples. Also, yellow gold can never be too exclusive or precious for an engagement band, because gold cannot be used in its purest form in jewellery as it is too soft to be a practical and wearable metal.

The purity of gold is as follows:

24 Carat: 99.9% Pure
22 Carat: 91.7% Pure
18 Carat: 75% Pure
14 Carat: 58.3% Pure
12 Carat: 50% Pure
10 Carat: 41.7% Pure

Ultimately, the more expensive and pure gold is likely to be used in exclusive jewellery that does not face as much daily wear and tear as an engagement ring. Could it be, then, that by promoting the romance of gold and white diamonds and, perhaps even the cost to make yellow gold more exclusive even at a lower carat, the jewellery industry could increase the number of sales of a gold engagement ring?