With sweet heaven in a tent, doesn't it?

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The normal relationship is that which can develop. If

young people meet, but do not connect their lives

with each other, do not think to build together a

family, they just waste time. Family arises when

people love each other. Love - is a very complex

feeling and everyone puts their own concept here. It

is very important to be able to distinguish love from

passion and euphoria which are beginning a


There is no story more beautiful in the world...

At the very beginning of the relationship we have overflowed unprecedented feeling of euphoria,Guest Posting butterflies in the stomach, lightness and weightlessness. Everything seems to be some fabulous and sometimes cannot believe that everything happens with you. You confused from one touch, you hold hands and nothing but you is does not matter. This period is traditionally accompanied by the same various symbolic signs of attention: flowers, chocolates, romantic cards and other trinkets.

At the beginning of relations, all the above things have of utmost importance. Especial girls pay particular attention to all these things. Frankly, I do not belong to that half of crazy girls which remember when they first joined hands, when he first invited she at the cafe, the day when they sneezed together and how much longer time, to within a second, when they went on a first date.

Not only that, they are stored, so more and torturing their boys, but as well as the guys go out on dates without organizers and outline the scenario, they have to wait a great scandal, which often ends with the phrase - "You do not love me!" Poor guys, I sympathize them. But you cannot avoid this moment in any way. This is the romance that makes us blind for the sometime. The main thing is to see all problems in time.

With sweet heaven in a tent

We all have heard this phrase. Is it true? As one of mine friends says "With sweet heaven in a tent, if there stands Porsche." As for me his words more like the truth. When we are in love, the sea seems a little puddle. We are ready to rush into the fire and into the water for a loved. It is when we think that we'll be happy with that person at all times. Then slowly begins to advance insight and romantic mood begins to change life. Here begins to crumble castles in the air.

Gradually, you realize that the tent - this s not what you wanted, even if you live here with the best man in the world. Some ladies just run away from this asylum in search of something more worthwhile. You cannot blame them, because it is really very difficult. But there is another category of girls, which causes more respect. How many happy people living in ramshackle huts, have you seen? I do not think a lot. I try to describe how they live, and you can agree or argue with me. The beginning of their story was traditionally like all. Relationship, dating, gifts, all these are romance. Then they settled in a tent. But because these people love each other, they want to do for their partner everything that he or she was good. Supporting and caring about each other, they do much to their shelter will become a reliable fortress. They aren’t afraid of neither wind nor rain, because now they are protected by resistant brick walls and reliable roof. The main thing is not to throw everything at half way.

Now it is not a tent but a cozy home filled with warmth and love. Here know what is the care and the support. Here live patient, hardworking people who can reach any heights together. And, perhaps, next to the cozy home will be a garage, where will be the coveted Porsche.It seems to me that there is a heaven where we ourselves want to create it. Most importantly, to close at this point you have the person with whom you will pass all the tests prepared by fate. This person will lean on you, and you will want to become a support for him. You just do not forget that you need a little patience and time, and then heaven will be where you want.



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