A Gallery of Nature and Soul

Feb 16


Jos Graf

Jos Graf

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THE EARTH VISION GALLERY, created and arranged by Josef Graf, is a thematic exhibit of photographs and watercolors that explores the deeper interface of nature and humanity.


THE EARTH VISION GALLERY,A Gallery of Nature and Soul Articles created and arranged by Josef Graf, is a thematic exhibit of photographs and watercolors contained within the covers of a book. The premise of the exhibit, which offers a holistic experience of nature, color theory, and the soul, is to liberate nature from the bondage of our materialistic perspective.

The exhibit is a synergistic creation, divided into five segments:

1  The Black and White of Nature
2  The Color of Nature
3  The Nature of Color
4  Color Unbound
5  Nature Unbound

Beginning with a minimalist forum, the Black and White segment, nature is reduced to a polarity, dark and bright, light and shadow.  The next segment, The Color of Nature, carries the observer to an arena that is laid open, spread out in an uncontainable panorama.  Now, flesh is put on the bones, there are progressive increments, myriad gradations come into play.

When the viewer encounters The Nature of Color, he or she discovers that color is born in the interplay between light and dark.  Blue is the first lightening of the dark.  Yellow, the first darkening of the light.  Green, the merging of blue and yellow, mediates.  Red rises to oppose the station of green.  And the colors progress in their dynamic way.

Out of primary color, comes secondary and tertiary color. And a limitless array of tone and hue, an infinity of coloration is born.

Once we come to the segment entitled Color Unbound, we find that color is bound when confined to form, unbound when released from form.  Ultimately, beyond the initial period of concerted expression, the personalities of the colors become dissipated, and when rendered completely unbound, color seeks parameters in which to incarnate.

Finally, with Nature Unbound, we are brought full circle.  Color becomes unbound when form is reduced to gesture.  Nature, on the other hand, becomes unbound when the human Spirit implements vision, or raises perception to a higher level.

Now, as stated, we have come full circle. Nature has again been reduced to black and white.  This time, instead of enhancing nature with color, it is vitalized by means of sentient inspiration, the heart’s natural forum.

We are called upon to meet the challenge of embracing nature by raising consciousness to a level equal to the power that color embodies.  If we can take hold of nature in her basic elemental form, and vitalize it the way color does, but in our own egoic way, we can help liberate nature from the bonds fashioned by our materialistic consciousness.

The full exhibit – The Earth Vision Gallery – can be accessed on the Earth Vision site