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By uniting cosmic consciousness to an individual’s consciousness the inner radiance of an individual’s soul gets awakened. In Kundalini activation this same Yoga of Vital force is most essential. While executing the Suryavedhan Pranayam the power of concentration/focus and meditation should get deeper along with an intense potent resolve (Sankapla).

Pranayam means purification and augmentation of Vital force. Depending on its various mysteries there are varied types of Pranayam. And yet Suryavedhan Pranayam is this acme of this scientific method. Via this the activation of the Vital Force is natural and very simple. A question arises as to what exactly is Vital force? This question is pertinent since its activation and growth is very essential. Ordinarily in modern times one hears of atomic energy,Guest Posting electrical energy etc. But the nature of this energy cannot be narrowed down to such a minor material arena. In comparison to all these material energies there are other subtler and more potent forces called Vital Force or Prana. From the spiritual standpoint Vital Force is single. That very Vital Force is found in the individual body called Atmagni or Soul Fire. Atmagni is miniscule when compared to Brahmagni or Cosmic Fire. The latter is vast and unlimited. One is a drop and the other is an ocean.

Just as although the ocean and river is one yet because of spatial differences a river and ocean are classified as 2 forms. When the extensive waters of rain fill up a pond it starts overflowing. When there is no rain the pond starts drying up. There exists dirt too in the water. Hence in order to keep the pond overflowing and clean there is a need of rain water. In the same way it is necessary that the grace of Brahmagni or Cosmic Fire constantly is imbibed by Atmagni. This is actually achieved via Pranayam or Yogic breathing exercises.

Exercise of the lungs by inhaling deeply is called health augmenting Pranayam. From the anatomical viewpoint its usage and methodology have been described at many places. Together with this its greatness has also been eulogized. As a result of this pranayam more oxygen is available and the breathing apparatus gets some health bestowing exercise. And yet Suryavedhan Pranayam definitely differs from the above breathing exercise. In that the Cosmic Vital force contacts the Individual Vital Force in desired measure. Thus its quality and storage augments greatly. Further all the so far closed doors of material success and spiritual glories are thrown wide open.

In order to conjoin the individual Prana to the cosmic Prana it is certainly no less important to imbibe humility, generosity and other sacred activities in our day to day lives. Through exercise and apt food intake health augments wholesomely. Further in order to eradicate physical/mental weakness and diseases it is necessary to undergo special medical cures and therapies. In order to increase Vital Force it is necessary to execute Suryavedhan Pranayam. Following is a depiction of the relation and connection of individual vital force and cosmic vital force as mentioned in yoga based scriptures:

Vital force is one but it is present in 2 demigods or 2 vessels………….Aitereya Upanishad (2/27).

In human beings the storehouse of Prana is present albeit in seed/potential form. It pervades in the entire cosmos. Intense energy is present in the nucleus of an atom. And yet it is only experienced and utilized when via a definite scientific procedure a nuclear fission is induced. Although the procedure is tedious and very expensive yet from the utility standpoint it is very influential and wondrous. A similar scientific procedure too is seen in Suryavedhan Pranayam.

By uniting cosmic consciousness to an individual’s consciousness the inner radiance of an individual’s soul is awakened. In Kundalini activation procedure this same Yoga of Vital force is most essential. While executing the Suryavedhan Pranayam the power of concentration/focus and meditation should get deeper and deeper along with an intense potent resolve (Sankapla). While inhaling, Cosmic Vital force is focused and ‘caught’ near the vicinity of the individual soul power. A sentiment should manifest that more and more Vital Force is being imbibed while breathing. The greater the measure of oxygen the better is ones health. The excess amount of oxygen present in the breath indicates that ones health is that much better. The measure of oxygen inhaled depends on regional atmosphere, conditions and altitude. But Vital Force is present in equal measure just about everywhere. From this storehouse a desired amount is imbibed via a strong and energetic mental resolve.

In the spiritual arena of the subtle world faith is said to be very strong and fruitful. The attainment, non attainment attaining less the fruits of worship rituals is not dependent on the procedure of these rituals but is dependent on the faith of the spiritual aspirant. The main cause of failure of rituals is definitely lack of faith. Those who know this sublime truth use intense power of resolve in order to include deep faith in religious worship.

The description of incitement of vital force resulting in the lighting up of individual soul fire is found in many scriptures. This is that very spiritual fire which variedly is called Yoga Fire, Vital Energy, Life Force and Kundalini Shakti. Such a type of fuel is poured into fire in which there exist chemicals in excess measure and are predominantly fire element in nature. Kundalini Power is Vital Force Fire. Only if fuel of homogenous principles is added does it light up. Via Suryavedhan Pranayam the Ida Pingala nerves and vital force attracted from outer space is sent to a spark like latent fire situated in the Mooladhar Chakra (base of the spine) and is kindled it makes the entire power fiery like huge tongues of flames. In great scriptures a description of fire is given regarding the Vital Energy present in the Mooladhar Chakra (subtle plexus):

 In the lower region of the waistline the fire region is red in color. By obstructing the vita force there for 15 seconds one must concentrate on fire……………..Trishikopanishad.

That power is seen, which is of the might of lightning and is fiery like a heated moon…………..Indian Scriptures

Kundalini Shakti is situated below the navel. It has 8 aspects. It has 8 earrings. It makes the vital wind well managed. It arranges food and water aptly. It lights up the fire of the face and Brahmarandhra (suture on top of the scalp)……………..Shandilyopanishad

The Sushumna nerve which is akin to sunlight is spread out from the Mooladhar Chakra (spinal base) up to the Brahmarandhra……………Brahmopanishad

The divine nerve Sushumna of the body is full of divine light. It travels from the Mooladhar up to the Brahmarandhra. It is bound via subtle strands to Super Radiant Kundalini Energy. On attaining a sentimental vision (divine experience) man is absolved of all sins and bondages……………..Advayatarakopanishad

The incitement and lighting of soul fire situated in the mooladhar chakra via vital force is the goal of Suryavedhan Pranayam. Its methodology is as follows:

One should be seated in serene surroundings. It should preferably be a secluded spot in the hours of dawn/dusk with mind calm, steady and poised. Posture should be comfortably natural, spine erect, eyes half shut, pals gently on the 2 knees and is called Prana Mudra. For Suryavedhan pranayam one should always be seated in this Mudra.

After closing the right nasal opening slowly inhale air from the left nasal opening. The sentiment should be that a great amount of vital force is merged in atmospheric air. The vital force should be transported to the Mooladhar Chakra via the Sushumna path to the negative electric flow of the left path (Vaam Marg) via the Ida Yogic nerve. There the latent spark present should be jerked violently, patted and awakened as a result. This then is the 1st phase of Suryavedhan Pranayam. In the 2nd phase the vital force is transported to the Pingala Yogic nerve (the positive electric flow of the south path or Dakshin Marg of the spine) and brought back. The negative electric flow is cool. Hence Ida Purak (inhaling breath) is called Chandravat or akin to moon. This is the reason why Ida is also called Chandra Naadi (or Lunar Subtle Nerve). While returning, due to the friction of fire lightning and vital force incitement heat augments and then merges into the vital force. The path of return which is the Pingala Path being the region of positive electrical flow is thought to be hot. For both these reasons the vital force that returns is hot hence it is compared to the sun. Ida is moon and Pingala is the sun. This concept has been put forth by teachers of Meditation Science.

In worship methods the importance of sacred sentiments/Bhava and resolve or Sankalpa is more than the actual rite and ritual based action. The aspirant hence attains benefits in accordance to them. The mental resolve of transporting the inhaled air to the Mooladhar Chakra via the spinal cord should be very intense and potent. This thought has to be developed resolutely that definitely the vital force that has been inhaled from interstellar space and which has been dispatched via the spine or Merudand has reached the Mooladhar Chakra and with its intense incitements is awakening the latent Vital Force Fire i.e. Kundalini flames. Over and above this incitement this sentiment must mature intensely that the vital force is being brought back through the Pingala or Solar Nerve and is being lit up so as to render it brilliant.

For the second time this has to be exercised in reverse order. It means that the vital force has to be inhaled through the right nostril and exhaled from the left nostril. This time the vital force enters the Pingala Nerve and returns from the Ida Nerve. The vital force ‘attacks’ the Mooladhar Chakra and a sentiment of lighting up of Prana must to be made. First it enters Ida and returns from Pingala and second time it enters Pingala and returns from Ida. This then briefly is the procedure of Suryavedhan Pranayam. In many Yogic scriptures this Suryavedhan Pranayam is also called Anulom Vilom Pranayam. Lom means straight and Vilom means opposite. First time straight and second time opposite and hence this cycle is called Lom Vilom. At certain places its one part i.e. Lom is called Suryavedhan. But when tested astutely only the description of imbibing of vital principle element present in cosmic solar consciousness along with the 2 phases of Lom Vilom put together and awakening of vital fire present within proves to be true. An extraordinary importance of Suryavedhan Pranayam is given in scriptures:

This helps in purification of the brain, eradication of illness pertaining to wind (like rheumatism etc) and destruction of worms, germs in intestines etc. This Suryavedhan Pranayam should be performed again and again……………..Hatha Yoga Pradeepika

Not only for eradication of bodily problems but its importance is indescribable for removal of subtle defects of ones inner personality and for awakening of spiritual energy in oneself. Via constant practice of Suryavedhan Pranayam increase in vital energy opens the path of both material and spiritual success in the life of a seeker. Although the procedure of Suryavedhan Pranayam looks ordinary yet its results are extraordinary and mind boggling.

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