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In the hidden deep mystery of Shabda brahman or Divine Sound it is a must that words used for spiritual goals must be of very high stature. It must be so sacredly sanctified that its purity, authenticity and potential are equivalent to that of Almighty God. For this many people think of Swar Vinyas and infer that the sequence of musical notes mentioned for chanting of Mantras, merely knowing it shall give rich benefits.

Shabda or sound is called Brahman (Almighty God). In the form of Shabda Brahman,Guest Posting Naad Brahman etc it has been eulogized and gloriously praised in great scriptures. This is not a symbolic description but that it is a reality. Those words called Brahman (Almighty God) are not some commonplace sound. If on stringed musical instruments our fingers move devoid of any musical pattern i.e. lest they move about waywardly only some jarring sound will come forth. But if you desire that a sweet rhythmic musical tune emerges then the guitar player must be a well trained one with a brain oozing with musical talent. In order to attained desired results from Mantra chanting it is most required that it be rendered rhythmic, sequential and of a proper tonal flow.

Words uttered by the tongue can merely aid in the reaching of one’s information and information to other people. Apart from this it has no major use. But Mantras are imbued with miraculous potentials and they exhibit such results only when they are applied with prescribed procedure given in the form of scriptural injunctions. Just as if you sing Deepak Raga or Meghmalhar Raga or play it on a musical instrument in any wayward whimsical manner no miraculous result accrues like doused wick flame getting relit and rain clouds gathering even in non monsoon seasons, similarly if you chant Mantras devoid of any methodical procedure no beneficial results accrue. In Super Mantra Gayatri the 24 alphabets are woven in such a manner that it becomes absolutely a must to follow a prescribed procedure along with other do’s and don’ts.  Even in ordinary conversation many people cannot talk in that manner which is the best way to do so and neither all listeners accept this talk in the form that it is spoken in.

When in ordinary mundane transactions too our speech experiences such a demeaned state and that the speech uttered can be labeled as not worth trusting and false. Thus via this the social give and take does not get totally fulfilled. Hence it becomes clear that for Mantra practices for fulfilling spiritual goals that much more alertness has to be imbibed as far as its method of chanting etc is concerned. Keeping in mind this difficulty Karmakanda that can be done merely by gross speech is not given due importance.

Day in and day out people keep chanting many words via discourses, singing hymns, reading scriptures, Mantra Japa chanting etc. Lest mere via all this the goal of true religion had got fulfilled it can only be called extremism of ease. In order to accrue small benefits man has to work hard, accrue means and make proper use of his focused mind. Only then semi benefits are reaped. Spirituality is of very high stature and hence Vibhutis or Divine Powers attained via it too are priceless. Definitely the efforts made in spiritual endeavors are much more difficult and painstaking. Lest these priceless benefits got accrued merely by chanting a chain of words using the tongue, everyone without exception would attain its rich precious benefits. But the bare truth is that you have to pay a heavy price for attaining them and hence certainly it is not child’s play to do so.

From the standpoint of importance each object has its well defined value. In spiritual attainments the importance of sound energy has been elucidated and its greatness is eulogized too. Scriptures have detailed the description of the benefits pertaining to fruits of Mantra chanting practices. Yet it should not be looked upon merely as a miracle of words used. Lest uttering words was the be all and end all of Mantra practices press workers publishing matters related to Mantras and sellers of such literature would have benefited first. The readers would have accrued only some minuscule benefit remnants. Say what difficulty would anyone face in spending little time for the very easy rite of uttering words in Mantra Japa? This tiny effort can be made even by a child or aged weak person. Hence a much more capable person can do this zestfully and accrue untold benefits. But does this actually happen? Despite reading the details of greatness of benefits to be accrued do majority of people show any zest to put in due efforts?

In the hidden deep mystery of Shabdabrahman or Divine Sound it is a must that words used for spiritual goals must be of very high stature. It must be so sacredly sanctified that its purity, authenticity and potential is equivalent to that of Almighty God. For this many people think of Swar Vinyas and infer that the sequence of musical notes mentioned for chanting of Mantras, merely knowing it shall reap rich benefits. This belief also in the direction of truth is merely a small tiny step taken. In this thinking only this much knowledge dwells that our activities must not be wayward and that instead they must be well sequenced by following prescribed methods. So what if this is merely chanting? Speech is looked upon as a part of etiquette, balance and civility. Those who speak just about anything are called uncultured and become targets of censure. Under such circumstances if for Mantra practices directions are given to follow prescribed scriptural injunctions then definitely these must be adhered to assiduously. In this one can perceive imbibing of alertness and a sense of caution. This direction is zest increasing. In it we get wisdom of zest created for imbibing the attitude of putting tabs on indolence and following scriptural injunctions. This not only is apt but is positive too.

It is a must that Mantras be chanted correctly, it must be done with pristine purity and attention must be given to its rhythmic speed. This is a required step while entering the class of Mantra chanting that musical note/Swara, rhythm/Laya, sequence, pauses in between etc be understood and observed to the last letter. Even in other rites of worship (Karmakanda) this alertness has to be imbibed. If we perform worship rites half heartedly in a wayward manner akin to indolent lethargic people only atheism shall develop. When even daily mundane chores if done with a scattered mind and in a very wayward manner they fail to succeed, say how can we reap success in spiritual endeavors that require much more mental alertness and soulful zest? With such a whimsical undisciplined attitude we cannot even earn a good income in our jobs, business etc say what can such erroneous attitude reap while pursuing spiritual goals apart from utter failure?

In order to attain desired results from Super Mantra Gayatri practices right from its’ chanting to its procedure of doing so proper management and alertness must be imbibed. Yet never err by saying that merely doing this much renders our chanting of such high stature that our Mantra has become Shabdabrahman or Naad (Divine Sound). For this end our gross speech has to undergo so much sacred sanctification that it takes the form of Vak or divine speech. This is not a spiritual practice of Swara (musical note) but is an application in the arena of art of true living. For this intense difficult efforts have to be made in order to render our entire inner personality encompassing our mind, speech, actions, nature, thinking process and character of very high sacred stature. The mode of chanting Mantras can be mastered in a few hours. Its total study can be completed in a few days yet in order to render the root existence of our personality of a very high sacred stature very difficult long term efforts have to be made. A lot of honest hard labor is required. If we feel reforming others is difficult know for sure that to reform and transform our deep inner personality and character it is manifold more difficult and involves intense long term patient efforts.

The tongue can be called the chanting system. Akin to other musical instruments the 1st requirement is that it should be correct. The words of Mantras must be pure and chanting must be clear cut. Its pronunciation or any other language based error must not creep into it. The flow and tone must be uniform. Apart from this the tongue from the spiritual practice/Sadhana standpoint in ordinary mundane transactions in the usage of taste buds and speech discipline observed by a true spiritual aspirant must be included. We must not eat food, wear clothes etc bought from money earned illegally and unethically. Whatever we can earn in a lawful, honest manner after working hard for it we must use it to fulfill our basic household requirements. Never spend your money wastefully. We must fight with our taste buds that run after tasty food like junk food etc and instead eat only nourishing healthy food that can be easily digested and that too in minimal measure. We must eat food with the attitude that it is medicine in form meant to render our body and psyche healthily balanced. For those who observe this healthy viewpoint forget devouring non vegetarian food, alcohol, narcotics etc but that they must abstain from eating very spicy, pungent, sour, salty, sweet meats, fried oily etc type of food items. Food definitely influences our mind (‘Jaisa khaye anna-vaisa baney mana. Jaisa piyo pani vaisi baney bani’. It means your mind takes up qualities in accordance with the type of food you eat. Further your quality of speech depends on the type of water you drink). Sattvik food induces purity and piousness in the psyche and those taints and vile characteristics appearing in the mind due to eating forbidden food items from which it becomes impossible to get liberated from, easily get uprooted via a Sattvik diet. Those people who take the vow of eating tasteless but nourishing food find it easier to master other sense organs like ear, nose, skin and eyes.

When our food is Sattvik it renders our speech very pure and sacred. When we eat unhealthy forbidden food items the subtle energy of tongue gets destroyed and words uttered by it fail to succeed in spiritual tasks. The 2nd function of the tongue is conversation. In our day to day living and transactions the stature of our conversation must be very high and conjoined to sacred ideals based traditions.

Mantras are chanted a bit softly. The words remain unclear and slow. Majority of the times mental/Mansik and whisper/Upanshu Japa is given more importance than Vachik (loud chanting) Japa. In this speech is very miniscule yet in this Mauna or silent chanting the Madhyam, Para and Pashyanti subtle speeches are at work. These 3 speeches are strongly related to man’s viewpoint, character and aspirations. If a person is lowly, downfallen ethically and wicked and his viewpoint, character and aspiration is distorted and vile in nature, then these 3 subtle speeches are rendered lowly in stature. Thus this tainted effect in turn renders such a wicked person’s gross Vaikhari speech ineffective, full of suspicion and reeking with falsehood. Its worldly usage also shall fail miserably in reaping important beneficial results. Hence if such vile minded people perform Mantra practices, how can they ever succeed?

The procedure of Mantra Japa chanting is straightforward yet its practice or Sadhana is quite difficult. Without its spiritual practice apt wholesome results do not come our way. In the spiritual practice of Mantra Japa chanting along with the tongue all other parts are sanctified. Those who truly understand this precept do not limit themselves merely to superficial observance of methodology. Instead they also get ready a detailed program of rendering life’s process of a very high stature. In this effort the more anyone succeeds his Mantra Japa chanting and austerities too shall in that ratio succeed.

On this basis we attain realization (Sakshatkar) of Shabdabrahman or Divine Sound. By rendering the entire soul existence optimally sanctified, our gross speech gets transformed into Vak or subtle divine speech. Its positive influence is limitless and with its aid the impossible can successfully be rendered possible.

In the Shatpath Brahman text while detailing Super Power Gayatri it is written: Paravak or subtle divine speech is its sensitive center. While unfolding the hidden mystery of Paravak it is written that it touches the very core of our heart. It awakens that which is latent. It is the substratum of heaven, Moksha or salvation and Sidhi or success in spiritual pursuits. In it lies the center of boons given by demigods. Whatever is truly great in this world must be understood as Vak’s (subtle divine speech) resonance and reaction.

When our gross speech (Vaikhari) undergoes spiritual practices, so as to become Paravak or subtle divine speech it’s amplification instead of getting limited to human hearing capacity, spreads out in all the 3 Lokas or worlds. In speech resides sound, in sound resides meaning and yet Paravak or subtle divine speech is energy in form. When its potential is used all that can be gained victory over that is worth it.

Kautsa Muni has preferred to ignore the importance of meaning of alphabets in various Mantras. He says that its potential should be inferred on the basis of words interwoven in Mantras. In it the Vak principle is at work chiefly. The Shrutis while eulogizing Paravak or subtle divine speech sing aloud:

Devi vachamajanayant devastam vishwaroopaha pashavo vadanti.

Sa no mandreshamurga duhana dhenurvagasmanufsushtuvaitu.

MEANING: Paravak or subtle divine speech is a Goddess. It is world manifest. It is the mother of all deities and demigods. This then is true science and wisdom. We remain alive because of the power of Paravak or subtle divine speech also called Kamadhenu (wish fulfilling cow). Due to it we can talk, laugh and understand things.

From this it is crystal clear that in Super Mantra Gayatri Paravak or subtle divine speech predominates so much that if we awaken it fully (render it Siddha) then right from our life span, Prana Energy, attaining fame and other mundane desires we can also attain soul welfare, soul power, Self Knowledge, divine brilliance, divine light called Brahmavarchas and other high stature spiritual benefits.

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