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How to develop your intuition, psychic and healing abilities.  Simple techniques to incorporate into your life.  

Over the years on my path of self discovery I studied many different modalities and ways of increasing my intuition and healing abilities.  During that time,Guest Posting as I learned new skills, I would oscillate between feeling connected, psychic and able to heal others and more often, just the opposite - totally disconnected and unable to access any information.  It was super frustrating when I would hit one of these disconnected phases and I would panic and quickly look for the solution.  Giving up the ability to access the 'information super highway' that I had a tenuous grasp on freaked me out.  Would it come back?  Was that connection I made just a fluke?  I was never sure.  So back to the drawing board I would go to search out something new to bring it back. What I didn't realize at the time was that my access to the information wasn't something I could force - but it was something I could allow.  By allow I mean that the connection I was looking for was there all along - it's there for all of us all of the time in fact - but we are usually too numb to realize and/or feel it.   That was certainly the case for me.  I had layers of energetic build up to work through to get the point I am now where I feel that connection on a more constant basis.  I'd like to share what worked for me to work through these blocks and what you can do to incorporate them into your daily life for increased intuition, inner guidance and psychic development.


1. Do the work - I can't emphasize this enough!  The "work" is practice, practice, practice.  Spend time meditating as often as you can squeeze it into your busy life.  It doesn't have to be for a long time, but make an effort to get yourself heart-centered, focused and energetically aligned several times a day.  See my previous post about developing a meditation practice for tips and more information.  While you're meditating keep a journal nearby to take note of any information you get and/or feelings that come up.  It's a great way of letting your inner guidance begin to come through and be expressed.   Use sound to help you connect more deeply:  I found the use of sound to be very helpful in getting me into a deep meditative state and to quiet the chatter of my mind.  Tom Kenyon, an amazing sound healer, has a number of free sound recordings you can download and listen to while meditating.  Jonathan Goldman is another internationally renowned sound healer who produces music for mediations that I've used to connect more deeply.   I also used his book Chakra Frequencies to learn the sounds that correspond to each chakra.  Chanting these sounds while focusing your attention on each corresponding chakra magnifies the effect of your meditation and brings you into a heightened state of awareness.


2. Your body is your temple - having trouble calming the mind and relaxing for meditation?  It could be the fact that you're ingesting too many toxins into your body such as coffee, refined sugar and preservatives.  It's been suggested to me that I make an effort to eat more high vibrational foods for increased awareness and to raise my frequency overall.  I didn't really know what that meant, so I did some research and found a few information sources that were especially helpful such as Dr. Shulze's website outlining his strategy for health and longevity and the blogpost by Bridget Nielsen: How to Raise your Consciousness and Vibration Through Diet.  Both are full of great ideas and eating tips.   Here are a few simple things you can start doing today:
  1. Buy organic, local food whenever possible.   The sooner the fruits and vegetables get to you from the farm, the better!
  2.  Eat raw and fresh fruit and vegetables.  Frenchman André Simoneton, an expert on electromagnetism, conducted experiments in the 1930’s and 40’s measuring the electromagnetic waves of particular foods.  He found that healthy humans need to maintain a vibration of about 6,500 angstrom. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables have some of the highest frequencies ranging from 6,500 - 10,000 Angstroms.  See for more information on his research.
  3. Drink spring or filtered water (not the stuff in the plastic!)
  4. Reduce your sugar intake and switch to healthier alternatives to refined cane sugar:  Good (low-glycemic) sugars include: raw honey, lucuma powder, raw coconut palm sugar, stevia, agave, real maple syrup, yacon, goji berries (to use in recipes) and dates.
  5. Bless your food (see my post about Mindfulness Cooking).  The vibration of your food matters, spending a few minutes in gratitude for the food you are about to ingest will help clear any negative energy layered on it and help it assimilate into your body - especially meat.
  6. Reduce your meat intake - it's hard for the body to digest and there are plenty of plant-based protein alternatives that are more healthful.
3. Spend time in Nature - Being outdoors in the fresh air, amongst the trees, ocean or open fields is restorative and connects us to our roots.  It reminds us of where we came from and who we really are.  Take some walks and appreciate the trees, wildlife and surroundings.  Breathe the fresh air deeply and connect with everything around you.  What does the forest have to say to you?  Learn to listen and connect with nature and it will help you feel restored, healthy and alive.


4. Try a healing session such as ThetaHealing, EMDR, or past life regression therapy:  These techniques were all instrumental in helping me uncover, release and integrate limiting beliefs and programs that were part of my energetic field.  Energy from past experiences lingers in our field causing blocks in our ability to feel, sense and understand situations clearly.  Using a technique to identify and release these energies can be super helpful in opening us up to being more sensitive.  I decided to become a ThetaHealer because of experiencing such a deep release and healing from this method.  Out of all of the modalities I've studied and experienced, it is by far the most expedient at getting to the core of deep seated issues and bringing them to light so they can be released and integrated.


5. Cultivate more peace and gratitude in your life - Spend some time connecting to your heart center every day and appreciating the life you have, the people you love and the experiences you get to have on this beautiful earth.  Feelings of gratitude and peace raise your vibration and allow you to connect more easily with your higher self, your guides and Source energy.  Love is the vibration of the Universe and when you emanate this feeling it connects you to all higher vibrational beings.  It is your gateway to connecting with your innate wisdom and highest potential.  Radiating gratitude and love spills over into every area of your life and creates better relationships with family and friends, a better outlook on life, and feelings of peace and happiness.  By connecting into your heart center, the place I call the Stillpoint, you touch the place where you can manifest whatever you wish into your life, be it health, wealth, more love or all of those.  Try my Stillpoint Meditation to reach this place within yourself where you can create the life you want.  You can also subscribe to my free Monthly Meditation (see sidebar) for more guided tours through your subconscious to begin your journey towards understanding yourself for the creative wonder that you are!     These are just a few of the things I found helpful in my daily practice of growth and development.  The journey has been enlightening, fascinating and worth every minute.  I hope you discover the keys to progressing along your own path and that some of these tips are helpful.  It's important to keep at it and to not get discouraged and give up, even when you're feeling like you aren't making any progress.  Enlightenment is not just for the few, it is for ALL - our birthright and our natural progression as spiritual beings having a human experience.

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