Physics of the Soul

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Douglas Adams, Quantum Physics, Black Holes, and Soul in a blender make for one mean breakfast of Champions!

When Protons and antiprotons collide they annihilate one and another and release energy in the form of photons Or you could say that when matter is destroyed,Guest Posting light is created. Is this much different than when a person dies, his soul departs. They say that when a person dies he becomes an ounce or so lighter. You might not believe this, because you can not see this energy depart the body, this light.

Now when the protons are annihilated by its contrasting particle it creates light that is beyond our vision which is in the Gama range. Is this light that of our soul? As with any large astral body, great energy is needed to keep it from collapsing upon itself. Contrasting gravitational forces must not exceed one another or else its part fly apart or implodes. So what happens when the heart stops bringing blood past the lung to energize itself with oxygen, do particles and antiparticles held within the body that contain the soul collide and release Gamma rays.

Also in Hindu and Chinese pagodas there is the belief the soul rises through stages to the point of non-existence. Could this now be the final melting down of the nuclei by 1000 Billion degrees, a million times hotter than our sun, into its fundamental constituents. Which as you can imagine could take a really long time. A long time to gather that much of energy just to release yourself from all existence. Now when souls fly around from life to life they keep a steady stream of states in a congruent order. A steady progression of changing nuclear masses and bonds with other atoms through time. But when the nuclei is melted down and the quarks are released to form new nuclei or just becomes raw energy. This is when the soul is released from its cycles of rebirths, just to be eventually settled into new souls with low energy or innate objects like tiny pebbles. Repeating the cycle all over in a completely new and unfamiliar state separated from its old parts. Dante thought that at the center of the Galaxy all the highest angels and beings rotated and basked in the light of God to eventual collapse into his singularity. To be at one moment with God forever. As with Buddha when he was confronted with desire and fear under his Bodhi tree, he was at one in his singularity with the universe. No self, no desire, no fear of underachieving which meant in Buddhas case was death. But when you are in true singularity either you explode away from God as light or collapse into darkness as like in a black hole. X-rays can be seen escaping from Black holes, so some souls can escape, but most on this path fall upon the singularity and are frozen in time as is Lucifer at the center of hell half frozen in ice. There he chews upon you until he digests you into smaller and smaller dense parts. But as things break down into infinitely smaller pieces falling infinitely upon itself, it is also infinitely moving apart from itself and making a new universe in the small spaces of space that was never occupied before. As alice drank the tea she shrunk and the roof moved miles above her head, and when she ate the food her body bent over in half to keep her head from going through the roof. And in that new universe there is even more black holes that create new universes in its small spaces.

A straight line given enough time, will eventually curve back upon itself. By hitting dust, atoms, and other matter will deviate a line from its course and return it to its beginning. Even if it takes a trillion years and a roundabout zig zagging drunken route. So if something can have enough energy to propel its smallest parts for a really long time it will meet its starting point. Just like traveling on our earth in a straight line, we would climb hills, to plateaus, to mountains down into valleys to plains and enter the ocean down its trenches and up upon its beaches to start this process over. Not only forward and up and down, we do trip side to side as we stumble on rocks and people in our way. We travel in all three dimensions while we try real hard to travel in the one dimension. So when these Black Universe create infinite numbers upon itself it will eventual enter back into the original universe. Hopefully it will learn something by the time it returns, but by then it would be to late for it would have been long time gone since it departed it Gama stage where those chinese wished and hindus hoped for. Now it could only hope to coalesce into quarks one day.

Now when you fall upon the singularity of your God in the heat of the sun, you go back into the universe as a teacher or say brahman. The other choices is that you become the singularity in which you yearned for and let the previous guy go out and play; or you whiz off and become an Indra/odin/zeus/Jehovah/yahweh/ sun of your very own in which new matter will seek you out as there singularity. I much prefer the teacher role, helping those Hindus and Chinese move on their way to their flame so that real estate rates will eventual go down.

One proton of the material world to 10 billion photons of the spiritual world, there is more beings of spirit nature who know everything about everything that existed or was known in all time before, now, and future. For at the speed of light time is at an singularity of time. They all seem a little nuts up there without or varying degrees of any filtration system. Image all the states of all matter with infinite personalities in all time in one moment, You think your Uncle Harry was schizophrenic? Now you know why I like this world and write things like this! Imagine sharing a bath with all the people who ever died in all the worlds of all of the universes! It gets quite crowded. Souls we mostly encounter are from our sun. At the center of our galaxy only photons exist, the rest are just sucked into a mammoth black hole the size of several solar systems. Now through all civilized religions stretching from Summeria, to Persian, Egyptian, Greco/roman, hindu, buddhist, Norse, gnostic, and the mystic systems of Judeo-christian. There is a God of the universe (or pair) and a god of the earth sky. Yimir and Odin; and Zeus, Geb/Nut Osirus, Indra and Brachman, El and Yahweh. Now each sun is its own indra/zeus in a larger galaxy within the universe. The Gods of all are a pairing of imagination with a stage, via matter and space, or painting to canvas. These are the creators of the universe. So the universe exist because you perceive it and even more important imagine it. Chicken or egg?All you can think up and believe in hard enough shall exist. But desire and fear create doubt that changes you imagination into failure. So I purpose if a child was raised in a society that every one flew about in the sky by means of hidden propulsion systems that the child never knew about. Through determination, practice and allot of belief that child would be the first to fly on its own accord with out any outside propulsion system. Ever heard of the bumble bee? Believe hard enough anything is possible! p.s.

There are allot of holes and mistakes in this paper so you can imagine and discuss, debate your own finer points in your own personal universe. If I told you all and correct there would be no wonder left, thus for no more reason for life or just psychology and philosophers. But as Adams had once said..

When the answer to life and everything is found there will be a new answer created. Another theory said this already happened. So long and thanks for all the fishes!

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