Psychology, Philosophy and the Paranormal: Do You Wonder About Ghosts?

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... in 1992 when I first decided to become a ghost hunter, it never occurred to me that I would end up quitting my job and focusing strictly on ... ... This has become my new

Beginning in 1992 when I first decided to become a ghost hunter,Guest Posting it never occurred to me that I would end up quitting my job and focusing strictly on paranormal investigation. This has become my new career. I made this decision after a series of occurrences while investigating some buildings and, having no explanation for these occurrences, decided to search for an answer.

Today, over ten years later, I have discovered that there is no answer...just more questions. This led me to again attempt to discover what secrets and mysteries lie beneath what I cannot see. Ghost hunting has become a passion for me to search for answers but a hot and trendy item for today's people interested in getting a thrill. I decided early on that I would make my attempts at educating the public and it would be up to them to decide if paranormal activity exists or not. I picked up as much literature on various subjects regarding the paranormal as I could. I read anything I could to get various theories with which to base my investigations on.

I discovered that the paranormal delves into psychology and that it is the use of the mind, the body and its' senses which may contribute to having a paranormal experience. I learned that there are no experts in this field. There are no possible ways that science can send a man from this dimension or earthly plane to the "other world" and back again and be able to talk about what he has seen. Unfortunately, near death experience is not the same thing.

Psychology and the paranormal are very similar in that there are many times when an occurrence is merely psychological and not paranormal and vice versa. Investigations have shown that occurrences involving younger, pre-pubescent children are possibly made up from the internal energy or "raging hormones" of these children. They are independent, coming-of-age and rebellious. They want to speak their mind and are told they must keep quiet. They are keeping all this energy within themselves and are struggling with the ability of how to release it. As time passes and the children find they can no longer maintain the air of quiet, they release this energy in the form of activity which demonstrates itself by slamming doors, shutting windows, bangings, thuds, creaks and groaning noises.

The term "poltergeist" is German for "poltern" to knock and "Geist" spirit, or a noisy, usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings). We have learned over many different studies that children are unaware of these occurrences being based on the energy they emit. It's easier to blame these things on a ghost. However, working with them on investigations and under controlled circumstances, we discover that it is possibly the energy they are emitting. Of course, it is impossible to know with 100% accuracy if this is indeed the case and it is the children, but once we have made our conclusions and shared them with the host family, the activity seems to go away or at least be diminished.

When taking a philosophical look at the paranormal, we find that everybody has a story regarding the paranormal, or everybody has a friend who had an experience. Nonetheless, most people really don't want to have an experience themselves. They are willing to listen to other people's stories and be amazed at what has happened but looking at the whole picture of say, perhaps seeing a ghost is not something they want to have happen.

Seeing a ghost is very rare. Having an experience such as having your shirt pulled, your hair pulled, or being pushed with absolutely no one behind you is EXCITING!! It leaves you wondering for days, even weeks whether or not it actually happened. Your mind is unwilling to allow the possibility that it could have to enter your mind. That is the rational mind. But, having an experience like that gives you a new sense of the world around you. Most people become different. They look at things from a different perspective. In the same way that having a child changes your life, having a paranormal experience can completely alter your way of thinking and life. You become more open to the world around you. Like a drug addict you want to have one more experience to validate what you experienced before. You discuss your experience with other people and find those that don't shun you. In turn, these new friends also share their experience with you. Talk then changes to other things, whatever that might be, EVP, ghost hunting equipment, dowsing, etc. You become more involved because of one experience and yet, longing to have the next.

Ghost hunting opens up so many different avenues for you to alter what you were and to become a "transformed" person. Many have called their transformations "epiphanies" or a calling, liking it to just themselves and not noting that many other people have had the same experience. It becomes very personal.

Notice I have not discussed anything having to do with religion. This is NOT a religious experience nor has anything to do with religion of any kind. It should not be confused or intermingled with religion.

Having a paranormal experience is very interesting and exciting and for most, keeps you longing for more. My job as a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator is to teach you that the possibility exists that you could have a paranormal experience. You should not be afraid of this possibility as, with over ten years of experience, I have never, EVER come across anything evil or malevolent. There are some ghosts with attitudes but nothing that has ever hurt me or harmed anyone with me. You should view a paranormal experience as something that doesn't happen to just anyone and you should really feel very lucky to have it happen.

In conclusion, I have offered you information regarding the paranormal and the fact that it exists. It is up to you to decide if you believe it or not. The only real way to decide is if you are fortunate enough to have an experience. Following that, I am confident you will join the tens of thousands of people who have had experiences and are now looking for their next one.

We believe......Do you????

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