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Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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Swami Vishudhanand was an adept Yogi in the Science of Savita. He had attained mastery in this Science from the invisible Jnanganj Ashram situated in the Himalaya Mountains. Swami Nimanandji after blindfolding Swami Vishudhanand with a bandage led him to a secret inaccessible Sidhashrama called Jnanganj in the Himalaya Mountains. In this hermitage Swami Vishudhanand (Bholaram) attained skilled training in Yoga and Solar Science


In order to carry our solar worship and meditation via Super Mantra Gayatri chanting it is a must that we get proper guidance from a Sadguru like Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya also called Maharshi Vishwamitra of this era.

Maharshi Vishwamitra for certain reasons had put a lock on Super Mantra Gayatri. Yet Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had the secret knowledge of how to unlock it and hence made Gayatri and solar worship easily accessible and open for just about everyone the world over.

Along with Gayatri or Savitri worship it is must that we meditate on the sun. In the deep state of meditation the sun’s electromagnetic flow enters from the pigtail region in the scalp of the devotee. Thus the Prane energy on getting highly advanced gets rendered feather light, SOLAR BASED SPIRITUAL PRACTICES OR SURYA SADHANA-ITS TECHNIQUE AND METHODOLOGY Articles divine and brilliant as sunlight. Every Gayatri devotee along with Japa must meditate on the sun. Whether you are meditating on Mother Goddess Gayatri or Savita sun-god in both states you must mentally visualize them in the center of the shining sun (Surya mandal madhyastha) which is Savita deity that bestows on its devotee a radiant pious intellect. Hence HH Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had said that we must concentrate-meditate on Savita along with executing Gayatri based austerities (Vangmaya 15/2/10).

In solar worship/meditation the main steps are Suryarghya, Suryopsthan, Suryanamaskar, Suryasnan, Suryasanidhya, Suryasevan, Suryadarshan, Suryaparikrama etc. Hence every Gayatri devotee must execute each of these steps of solar worship mentioned near a water area like lakes, river etc seated facing the eastern direction.


Every brother and sister the world over must offer one vessel full of water to sun god since it is a very righteous act. Yet the question raised is why should anyone do so? If we do not deeply understand this the total benefit of offering water to sun got does not accrue. The Electricity Board sends us a bill of the amount of electricity we use in our house, office etc. Yet right from sunrise to sunset since we use the light, energy, consciousness etc of Savita sun-god the question is how do we foot this bill? We are grateful and indebted to sun deity. Hence daily in the early morning hours with a sense of thanks we offer Arghya or water to the sun by saying: O giver of life force! We cannot sustain our lives without your gifts. For our entire life we shall remain indebted to you. Please kindly accept our worship and obeisance so that due to your blessings we become sanctified, powerful and energetic.

After taking pure water (to which is added flowers and fragrant sandalwood paste) in a vessel of copper with deep faith and devotion facing sun god in the sky before the sun rises this Arghya should be offered. (The Suryarghya Mantra is given below). Take a spoonful of water from the copper vessel, pour this water on both palms of the hand, place both the palms facing the sun, chant 5 times each Super Mantra Gayatri and Surya Mantra rub both palms. Then rub these palms on your face, heart, scalp, ears while the palms are yet wet. Water influenced by solar rays is called Soma Rasa or immortal nectar/Amrit. By sipping it reverently our diseases get cured and we live a long healthy life.


Om bhurbhuvaha swaha tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo yon aha prachodayat.


Om bhaskaraya vidmahe divakaraya dheemahi tannaha suryaha prachodayat


Suryadeva sahasransho tejo rashey jagatpate.

Anukampya mam bhaktyam grihan arghyam divakar.

Om suryaya namaha.

Adityaya namaha.

Bhaskaraya namaha

At dawn and at noon Arghya can be offered in water (that is it can fall down into river, lake waters etc) yet the Arghya water offered to the sun at sunset must fall on the ground only. At dawn this Arghya stream of water should flow 3 times to the sun and by chanting the Mantra ‘Om suryaya namaha. Om bhaskaraya namaha. Om adityaya namaha’ offer Suryarghya.


At dawn just before sunrise bend the hands at the elbow, place both palms towards the shining sun in the skyLord Aditya’s Suropsthan is performed. Presenting ourselves in front of the rising sun god, presenting ourselves in his court is called Suropsthan. By doing Suropsthan the devotee attains the security bestowing close proximity of sun god. Those who do not know the Suropsthan Mantra can do Suropsthan by chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.


Om udutyam devam vahanti ketavaha.

Dashe vishwaya suryam.

Om chitram devanamudgadneekam chakshurtrisya varunsyagneha.

Apra dyavaprithivi antariksha.

Om surya atma jagatastasthushashcha.

………………Yajurveda (7/41/41)


Suryanamaskar must be done either while standing or as per one’s convenience.


After sitting facing the east by doing Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting for 1 hour without break the benefit of Suryasnan and Suryasannidhya are attained quite easily. As a result the devotee attains radiance of personality, energy and a long healthy life span which is beyond all doubts. By staring at the sun with open eyes shut your eyes gently later and then meditate on the brilliant sun. After this while offering Suryarghya we naturally do Suryadarshan without any extra effort. By doing Suryasadhana or solar spiritual practices various requirements of human consciousness get fulfilled.


While standing facing east at the place where you carry out spiritual practices while meditating on the shiny sun either via the Mantra mentioned below or Super Mantra Gayatri do Surya Parikrama or circumambulation of the sun. Planet earth after completing circumambulation of the sun attains all gifts from the sun. Similarly after a devotee does circumambulation of the sun attains special boons such as mastering various Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. As per the Harihar Bhashya (commentary) text one has to complete only 1 circumambulation. In other texts it is mentioned that wherever the sun’s image is there either 2 or 7 times circumambulation or Parikrama has to be done. Thus if you are standing in front of the sun in the sky only 1 Parikrama has to be done.


Om vishwatashchakshuruta vishwatomukho vishwatobahuruta vishwataspat.

Sambahubhyamdhamatisampatrairdyava bhumi janayanadeva ekaha.

Yani kani cha papani jnatajnat kritani cha.

Tani sarvani nashyanti pradakshinayam padey padey. In


In the furnace used by an ironsmith, burning coals are placed that burn with normal air. Yet when via a blowpipe air is blown into this furnace the fire in it intensifies so much in a blazing manner that after melting any type of iron, it removes all dirt in this melted iron so as to transform it into a great weapon.

What exactly is Pranayam as per Yoga Sciences? What is Suryavedhan Pranayam? Vashishtha Rishi had done deep research in the field of Prana electricity. Air also has electricity and this electricity comes from the sun into air. How much of this electricity or Prana energy from the sun is imbibed via Pranayam is attracted within us, imbibed and advanced has been detailed a lot in the Shatpath Brahmin’s Prana Vidya chapter (6/24/20-31).

In those years when the number of sunspots increase a lot on the sun the measure of crops, fruits, vegetables etc decreases notably. Plants do not mature properly. The food grains are very thin and emaciated and thus nutrition value in them is very miniscule in measure. Hence in the sun, for both inert and conscious beings, life force brims endlessly.


Swami Vishudhanand was an adept expert Yogi in the Science of Savita. He had attained mastery in this Science of Savita from the invisible Jnanganj Ashram situated in the Himalaya Mountains. Swami Nimanandji after blindfolding Swami Vishudhanand with a bandage on his eyes led him to a secret and inaccessible Sidhashrama called Jnanganj situated in the Himalaya Mountains. Over here in this secret hermitage Swami Vishudhanand (Bholaram) attained skilled training in Yoga and Solar Science from HH Bhriguramji Paramhansdev and HH Shyamanadji Paramhansdev. HH Shyamanadji Paramhansdev was an adept master in the realms of Solar Science Lunar Science Wind Science and Astronomy/Nakshatra Science.

Swami Vishudhanand would say that all conscious energy seen in this world at their root is the power of Savita sun god. The sun is the gross visible symbol of Savita deity and lest their rays are used for spiritual endeavors then a person becomes Almighty God.

On being asked about the role of Savita deity in this world creation Swami Vishudhanand said that in all objects of this world dwell all principles yet those principles that are in greater measure it is given that name. Swami Vishudhanand took one flower from a garland near him and said that that flower could be converted into a rose. Saying thus he took that ordinary flower would slowly move it to and fro. He would then say that in this flower are entering the atoms of rose and in a short while this ordinary flower would get converted to a rose flower. This transformation according to Swami Vishudhanand was due to the principle of Solar Science or Surya Vijnana at work. Those who know deeply the technique of Savita deity’s function can carry out in this manner all such transformations.

While discussing with Swami Vishudhanand a devotee said that many things mentioned in scriptures can be only symbolic and blind faith oriented. Swamiji asked: Can you give me examples? He replied that like a lotus emerging from Lord Vishnu’s navel. Swamiji said: This incident is not blind faith but is a doubtless truth. Anything beyond the ken of your understanding and knowledge is labeled by you as blind faith.

Sanjay seated in Delhi/Hastinapur, as mentioned in the epic Mahabharat gave a running commentary on the Mahabharat War that took place Kurukshetra to King Dhritarashtra. People previously would mockingly laugh this off saying how could a war taking place in Kurukshetra-Haryana be seen in Delhi/Hastinapur. This is because at that time we did not know about television called Grudhashakti in Sanskrit language. Yet today seated in a tiny village in India we can see a live telecast of a cricket match in Australia. This is because today TV, video, internet is commonplace for everybody.

The devotee told Swami Vishudhanand as to who would believe this episode? Even modern science shall not uphold it.

Swamiji replied: Modern Science of today is a mere baby in front of Savita Science or Surya Vijnan. Saying thus he lied down on his bed. He exposed the navel on his tummy and slowly started rocking that region in a to and fro manner. Slowly a hole got created there. It took a red hue. A stem emerged from it and on it a lotus started blooming. This lotus at a height of about 1.5 feet from the navel spread its sweet fragrance in the entire room. After a short while this lotus returned to Swamiji’s navel and disappeared into it.

Swamiji said: Those principles/laws unfolded by Modern Science had already been unveiled by Yoga Sciences since time immemorial. It should be noted that Swami Vishudhanand would exhibit these solar science Sidhis or miraculous feats in front of only those who were pure and pious at heart. His intention was to inspire these people to delve deep into Savita deity worship/meditation, Gayatri Anushthans and Yoga practices. Never did Swamiji every showcase these miracles to attain fleeting name and fame. He brought this Solar Science from the Jnanganj Ashram in secret corners of the lofty divine Himalayas to an industrious city of Varanasi.

Swamiji said: Whenever Gayatri worship/meditation is done we must seat facing the east, do Savita meditation practices and then know for sure that all the deep mysteries of Solar Science shall unfold in the pure sacred psyche of the devotee.

Our voice can reach only at a height of 100 feet maximum whereas our voice via a radio can reach all corners of the world. Electric waves help spread sound in the entire world. Similarly in order to render Mantra chanting terrific and widespread the electricity stream of the heart has to be made optimal use of. Our deep faith, trust and loving devotion to Almighty God converts sound into a potent energy flow.


In Solar Science via the preliminary practice of Tratak (or staring un-winking) solar power gets invoked in our body and inner personality. With eyes open at first either for 1 or 3 seconds stare at the sun and then close your eyes gently. This Surya Tratak must be done only at the hour of sunrise when its rays are not very hot and are gentle in nature. After closing your eyes gently for 30 seconds one must imagine as though one is seeing the sun on the mental screen. This can be done during the sun’s golden halo phase. When the sun starts taking up a white hue immediately stop doing Tratak. By staring for more than 3 seconds the eyes can get damaged. The eyes of a Gayatri devotee-Shantvanji of Chanod-Dakshineshwar Mahadev on River Narmada (India) had got damaged when he did Tratak on the sun when it was white hot.

The deity of Super Mantra Gayatri is said to be only the golden rising sun just after dawn. Thus for meditation practice a devotee must focus the mind only on this golden sun. the practice of Suryopsthan, Suryanamaskar, Suryarghya, Suryasevan, Suryaparikrama etc must also be done only on the early morning golden rising sun. At Brahmamuhurat (between 3.30 am to 6.30 am) the wonderful benefit of the invisible but powerful rays of the sun can be accrued a lot by sitting facing east and devotedly chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.


We must meditate on the sun seated facing east in an open space like the river shore, mountain, jungle or in one’s own room. By sitting in close proximity to nature the latter aids our meditation immensely. This is because nature is consciousness personified. At the time of worship/meditation place the water vessel/Panchpatra on your right side. If possible sit on a Darbhasan or seat of dry grass. Choose a clean place, wear clean and minimal clothing, sit cross legged in Sukhasan posture, place the palms on your lap with the right palm on your left one, the waist and spine must be straightly aligned, keep the body steady, psyche must be serene, eyes gently closed, use the Dhyan Mudra and enter Bhavsamadhi or divinely sacred sentiment trance. In this manner by meditating on the golden rising sun just after dawn these gentle golden sun rays bestow untold benefits on our body, mind and soul. Just as at sunrise the lotus blooms open, similarly or subtle Yogic navel lotus or Nabhikamal, heart lotus and Sahasrarkamal in the brain region opens up at Brahmamuhurat (between 3.30 am to 6.30 am) just before sunrise so as to imbibe untold divine energy. When on coming out of the deep meditative state we open our eyes gently, then with the sentiments akin to having Almighty God’s Darshan we must have Darshan of the sun. Then facing your opens palms towards the sun rub both palms while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri devotionally and then gently rub these palms on your face, head and heart.


Solar spiritual practices can be done using Super Mantra Gayatri only. No doubt Super Mantra Gayatri is a long one, big one yet if our goal in life is Self/God Realization Super Mantra Gayatri based practices are a must. Brahman or Almighty God’s presiding deity is Super Power Gayatri. Sun’s energy also is Super Mantra Gayatri and Savita deity is the presiding deity of Super Power Gayatri. By chanting Super Mantra Gayatri seated facing east, Prana energy enters the devotee’s soul since its creator is Savita or sun god. If Tablas (Indian drums) tuned to the Pacham Swar (5th musical note) in the rainy season and if the sky thunders with a sound also of Pacham Swar (5th musical note) the leather skin on the Tabla tear apart. This is but the result of potent energetic waves of sound. Hence just think when we ‘throw’ towards the sun powerful energy waves of Super Power Gayatri chanting how untold shall be the measure of energy bestowed by the sun to the devotee?

It is the law of science that in a small crater with less water if you start adding water from a big lake the crater shall get filled with it only until till the level of waters of both the crater and lake are same in height. Similarly from the sun when via the process of attraction sun’s energy starts filling the devotee’s body, mind and psyche at that time the devotee gets the Sidhi or divine power (ESP) to know thoughts of other people’s minds. But much more than this the devotee becomes the master of those subtlest of divine powers whose details cannot be given here.

In the hermitages of great Rishi-saints in India cows and lions would drink water side by side. What was the reason for this? All this is but the divine sport of our nature, psychic imprints, desires, action power/Kriyashakti and light atoms. The more man is pure, gentlemanly, straightforward in body/mind/speech and disease free his body oozes with human electricity atoms that are divine and radiant in aura. The more man is fraudulent, wicked and diseased in body-mind human electricity atoms in such a vile person’s aura reeks with taints, darkness and weakness. These very weak dark atoms for many lifetimes together force man to perform vile unethical acts.

If one’s light atoms are powerful and sacredly radiant we can help other people also. Maharshi Narad had transformed the dacoit Valia and Lord Buddha had transformed Angulimal and Amrapali dacoits for the better via their powerful divine light atoms. The moment lions and cows together came in the areas full of brilliant light atoms found in regions of hermitages of great Rishi-saints they would become as docile as goats. But the moment they came out of this sacred environment both the lions and cows would regain their original nature.


Indian Gurus and Acharyas advanced a technique/methodology to positively transform human light atoms. This is because how many people get transformed by a saint’s soul power? Hence great Rishis advanced a technique/methodology so that individuals the world over could positively transform their dirty, tainted, very weak powered light atoms via their own efforts and wishes. The name of this technique is Dev Upasanaor Surya Sadhana or Solar Worship.

Worship and meditation is a very scientific process. In it we can via Solar and Super Power Gayatri spiritual practices discourage our mind from executing dirty, weak, tainted sinful behavior so as to render our light atoms divine, brilliant, ethical, peaceful and joyful. Just before sunrise seated facing east in Sukhasana when we do Super Power Gayatri worship/meditation the task of destroying tainted light atoms dwelling within us and replacing them with divinely radiant light atoms is done by Gayatri’s deity Savita-sun. Light atoms are called Prana augmenting energy, fire and light or Tejas. The more they are radiant, sacredly pure and divine the more that person becomes a great saint and seer. The task of reinstating these radiant, sacredly pure and divine light atoms permantly within our inner personality is shouldered by Savita-sun based spiritual practices.


When a person seated with a serene, happy mind hears something special that we say to him he listens very attentively and thus positive results are accrued. Bang against this a person seated with a wrathful, agitated mind hears something special that we say to him he is just not ready to listen to us and puts us off by saying he does not have time to waste. HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya had carried out an experiment in the past based on this principle and it can be read in the Vangmaya literature penned by him. This experiment/application was executed by him in the year 1958 AD in the form of performing a 1000 or Sahasrakundi Yajna. HH Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya says: I had studied that during special occasions when the sun is calm if in a special manner Super Energy Gayatri worship, meditation and Yajna is executed we can accrue wondrous benefits from attracting and imbibing within us in a special manner spiritual powers of solar deity. With its aid not only for ourselves but for our society, country and entire world we can attain boons from it like eternal joy, material/spiritual prosperity and peace.

This was a very special experiment/application of 1000 or Sahasrakundi Super Energy Gayatri Yajna in October 1958 AD. This was then vindicated and upheld by scientists of great renown also. Astronomers had declared 1st July 1957 to 31st December 1958 as a peaceful sun year (International Year of Quiet Sun). In this time period since the sun was calmer modern scientists got great opportunities to carry out more detailed research studies on the sun. About in this very time phase from the Ashwin Navratri of 1957 the Yajna preparations were commenced wherein the collective wealth, hard work, food and piously focused mind of Gayatri devotees was put at work. One year previous to this, Gayatri devotees had commenced executing congregational Gayatri Purashcharan and in October 1958 on the day of Sharad Purnima the 4 day 1000 or Sahasrakundi Super Energy Gayatri Yajna’s Purnahuti was done. Just as you can make a calm pious person carry out many tasks similarly since the sun was quiet for 2 years via Gayatri Purashcharan a great opportunity came everyone’s way including the individual, society, nation and world at large to attain the boon of immeasurable amount of sun’s spiritual energy via this very scientific but spiritual application. At such times divine energies can be imbibed with relative ease. Ramnavmi, Gayatri Jayanti, Guru Purnima, Vijaya Dashmi and Sharad Purnima are such best conducive days as per the Hindu Panchang or almanac wherein via collective Gayatri Anushthan Purnahuti by attracting solar power and divine energies on planet earth they can be invoked/milked, for the superb material-spiritual benefits of for our society, country and entire world.

In ancient eras via Gayatri worship/meditation the sun would become quiet and happy hence earth’s environment would be rendered akin to Satyuga or a Golden Era. Our Revered Gurudeva HH Shriram Sharma Acharya has invited all of us world humans to execute solar worship/meditation so as to pacify and render joyful the very wrathful restless sun of today’s modern times. In this manner by obstructing destruction world peace can be harbingered in this very 21st century.


Regarding this 21st century Revered Gurudeva HH Shriram Sharma Acharya writes that the terrific energies of the sun shall incarnate on planet earth as a result of which all those powers that from the psyche’s standpoint are not spiritual in nature shall get uprooted. Those who build a healthy bond with the sun shall definitely get its protection very much like a terrible ebb-flow and storms in the ocean cannot harm a flower floating in its waters but submerges huge gigantic sized steamers moving in its waters. Gayatri devotees shall witness these transformations with curiosity and in very fearful strife reeking situations too they shall remain calm and mentally poised. It is very much akin to a baby lying on its angry mother’s lap rendering her serene via its sweet childlike utterances.

Russia’s brainy scientist Chizobuski deeply studied 400 years of history and sun’s activities in the past. He was trying to unfold the effects of changes taking place in the sun on earth’s denizens. He researched profoundly into this. Epidemics and revolutionary changes have a deep relationship with sunspots. It is a scientific fact that after every 11 years the number of sunspots increases a lot.

When sunspots augment thus in number not only individuals but that the activities of entire world human society gets affected. It is a proven fact that majority of incidences of bloodshed, violent upheavals, earthquakes etc have occurred when the number of sunspots increases a lot. Examples of such ghastly incidences are the famous French Revolution of 1789, the first rebellion in India in 1857, a war between Japan-Russia in 1904-05, the 1st world war between 1914-18; the 2nd world war between 1939-42; India attaining freedom in 1947 with immense struggle and strife etc. Over here it must be noted that solar activity was at its pinnacle in the years 1928, 1937, 1947 and 1959.

Spiritual and divine seers opine that as per the wheel of time in future very swift and intense transformations shall take place. The sun in future due to unknown reasons by breaking its laws of functioning shall induce changes on planet earth. In it, not only nature’s ire in the form of excess rain, famine, world wars and epidemics shall be noted but that a new chapter of a Super Revolution shall be penned. This shall definitely put controls of brakes on the ever amplifying human vile intellect. Via Super Power Gayatri this application in future days shall be executed with special speed and intensity.

USA’s scientists opine that from the sun a type of light oriented storm is swiftly heading towards planet earth. In present modern times the flames emerging from the sun called ‘solar tsunami’ are not affecting India much. Or we can say that these flames cool down a fair bit by the time they reach the land of India. In the form of its wrathful nature infrared rays and magnetic fields do not prove hazardous for India. This fact is known to USA’s NASA scientists yet they are failing to unfold the reason for this. A scientist from India opines that the main reason for these heinous rays not proving hazardous for India is that our country performs a lot of Gayatri and Solar Worship. A time shall come when not only USA but the entire world shall know this and shall get spell bound.

It is worth trying to fathom the comments put forth by India’s geography scientists. They have faith that in India Gayatri worship/meditation is increasing day after day. Super Mantra Gayatri is directly related to the brilliant sun in the sky. Savita is called Gayatri Mantra’s deity. In future when the number of Gayatri devotees shall augment to millions the sun shall get churned rapidly and its intense reaction shall pour down on India. Those people with a vile demonic psyche shall perforce have to endure very bad reactions. It means they shall face untold diseases, sorrow, stress, social censure and political impeachment. Bang opposite to this those people with a sacred goodwill based psyche shall attain lots of joy, material/spiritual prosperity and eternal soul peace.

In India innumerable radiant souls shall take birth in order to become leaders of the world in the fields of agriculture science, all other scientific realms, politics, economics, finance, art and culture. It goes without saying that they shall share this brilliant proficiency of theirs with the entire world.

Utho suno prayi se, ugte suraj ki avaz.

Apna desh banega, sari duniya ka sartaj.

Whether anyone believes it or not this transformation is a divine one and definitely it is bound to take place. In future days to come the sun’s terrifically inspiring energies with its terrific flow by transforming world human psyche stupendously shall veer it away from destruction to great creative tasks. Thus on planet earth a heavenly environment shall harbinger in.

The famous philosopher Arthur Koestler too has talked about spiritual solutions instead of using nuclear weapons. He participated in a dialogue with the editor of Blitz newspaper-Mr. Karanjia that was also published in Navneet magazine (March 1983). Arthur Koestler at that time had said that Super Mantra Gayatri has infinite fold more energy than all nuclear weapons of the world put together since it is a Savita Mantra of Savitri.

Lest millions of Indians chant Super Mantra Gayatri in a Purashcharan program congregationally, then energy emitted due to this Anushthan shall prove to be akin to a powerful missile that pierces the sun in this cosmos and by uniting with the Bharga (divine aura) of Savita sun deity shall destroy nuclear energy aimed at misuse for world destruction.

In future days to come solar sciences shall get utmost importance. Its usage shall be limited not merely in the material realm but that in order to rectify mental disorders it shall be used greatly. So many unimaginable bodily and psychic benefits can accrue via solar spiritual practices like Suryanamaskar, Suryavedhan-Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Suryasevan, Suryasannidhya and Surya Pradakshina.

In future the entire world shall imbibe only the visible deity sun god’s meditation and worship techniques. No doubt for solar worship only Super Mantra Gayatri shall be chanted but every person during this chanting shall meditate on the brilliant sun. Thus the intellect of all of us shall head towards pious greatness. Via this solar meditation such a wonderful environment shall usher in that the brain skills, energy and enterprise of all scientists, educationists, politicians, artists, doctors, engineers and religious leaders the world over shall be utilized to lead world humanity towards a life oozing with divinity. Thus heaven shall manifest on planet earth wherein its presiding deity shall be Savita sun and the medium shall be Super Power Gayatri spiritual practices/Sadhana. The sun itself is Lord Mahakal and Savitri-Gayatri is its Goddess Mahakali who shall blow the bugle of a divine transformation across the world.