IT specialists in Poland - IT Recruitment Poland by Sowelo

Feb 16


Anisha Dutta

Anisha Dutta

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Looking to hire top tech talents in Poland? Sowelo, a premier IT recruitment agency based in Krakow, offers innovative staffing solutions since 2007. With over 1600 projects completed and 180 satisfied clients, Sowelo boasts a dedicated team of experts committed to finding the perfect fit for your company. Specializing in IT/Telco, Renewable Energy, Professional Services, Finance, and Banking, Sowelo provides tailored recruitment strategies, application tracking, and pre-employment screening.


Best candidates most wanted? Are you one of those looking for tech talents for your company? It is not easy these days to find the best right candidates. Looking for help with outsourcing a talent pool in Poland? Feel free to contact Sowelo - a high-performing IT Recruitment agency in Poland. It is based in the southern part of Poland,IT specialists in Poland - IT Recruitment Poland by Sowelo Articles in a lovely city named Cracow. Sowelo has been present in the recruitment industry since 2007. At the moment they have over 1600 recruitment projects delivered, over 135 open projects and over 180 satisfied clients. Its dedicated and experienced team of recruitment experts will certainly help you find the right employees for the positions. 

Why is it so important to find and hire suitable staff? As we all know, the qualifications of employees, their commitment, skills and knowledge are important when it comes to the success of the company. With this in mind, as well as wanting to avoid bad hires, more and more companies are choosing to outsource the recruitment process to third-party recruiters. 

So if you care about working with quality recruiters, want to hire developers but save a lot of valuable time and a lot of money, a recruitment agency from Krakow, Poland is really a great choice!

IT Recruitment Poland - innovative IT staffing solutions

Why is it worth to work with Sowelo? The list of advantages is quite long in fact! First of all, due diligence and process mapping for Sowelo's customers is included in the price of the service. Secondly, the overall recruitment strategy is developed individually for every client's needs. Thirdly, Sowelo provides management of application tracking systems (ATS), pre-employment screening and management of offers of candidates. It also provides support to the companies with respect to necessary employment files and related to the Polish labor law regulations. Additionally, it offers covering executive search and employer branding positioning. 

Sowelo motivates candidates to participate in the recruitment process, knows how to get the best candidates interested in client offers, and advises on recruitment strategies, tools and methods. Having been active in the recruitment market for more than a dozen years, he has an extensive contact base. The company ensures the high quality of its services, and with a view to their highest standard and building long-term cooperation with clients, it provides a 3-6 month guarantee for each candidate. 

Recruitment services provided by the team in Poland are recommended in the tech sector, company's customers can rely on recruiters to find best talents in Poland, best developers in Poland and generally assist with the whole hiring process. 

How to start hiring the best talents in Poland 

If you are interested in Sowelo's offer, on its website you can find lots of useful information. First of all, there is contact data - you can contact he team via email or telephone. Moreover, you can fill in the contact form, leaving your email address and telephone number, write a short message. Someone from the company will soon contact you. 

The agency's website is a great source of useful information on its offer and activity, too. You will read there that Sowelo offers such services as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Executive Search, Recruitment Process Assessment, Talent Market Mapping, IT Recruitment Poland, Employer Branding and IT Contracting. It offers them to IT/Telco, Renewable Energy, Professional Services, Finance and Banking industries. Visitors can also find there up-to-date job offers from Poland and other countries. 

The company's blog is also worth a visit. There you can find a lot of useful information related to job search, employment, changes in global markets. Case studies may also interest you. These are case studies that Sowelo recruiters have worked on. You can read about the goals of each cooperation, the strategy of the activities carried out and finally about the outcome of the whole process. 

Looking for specialists in Poland? Recruit with Sowelo!

As it has already been mentioned, company's website will definitely tell you a lot about its activities. You can find there examples of already delivered projects. They specialize in IT/Telco, in areas such as Robotic Process Automation, Software, Internet, Storage, Infrastructure, Security etc. Among the already delivered projects there are Senior Account Manager, Project Manager, Solution Architect, IT Campus Manager, Technical Lead etc. In the field of Renewable Energy recruitment Sowelo has supported its customers with lots of different roles, for example Electronic Design Engineer, Quality Inspector, Quality Engineer, Plant Director, Solar Sales Executive etc.

Another branch of industry Sowelo is cooperating a lot with is the Professional Services industry. The Cracow team has the access to the best talents in this sector and since 2007 it has been recruiting managers and specialists in the area of finance, IT, human resources, marketing and investor relations. They specialize in Business Consulting, Tax Consulting, SSC - Shared Service Center, Transaction Consulting and more. Among the numerous examples of delivered projects there are PMO Manager, Audit Manager, Credit Controller, SOX Specialist etc. 

Finally, Finance and Banking industry. Sowelo team specializes in various areas of this industry, for instance Private Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Retail Banking. Private Banker, Fund Analyst, Chief Accountant or Financial Reporting Team Supervisor are just a few examples of delivered projects.