Fuel Direct Gas and Diesel Fuel Additive Saves 40-90 Cents/Gallon

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I have researched various methods of improving gas mileage in my vehicles and have found that this single company is by far above and beyond the others of it's kind where you can save on gas, $5 to $15 per tank of gas! Saving money at the pump in a big way!

What other gas savers are out there to counteract rising gas prices? I have studied a variety of methods to improve gas mileage in my cars and learned that this company is really what it says it is and stands out above the others. When I started this research,Guest Posting that was it, just research, until I discovered what this business had to offer. Following is my review.

Nature Rich has teamed up with Xp Lab, a 20 year old company, and together have cashed in on over $3.2 billion in fuel additive sales last year. As a result of the merger of these two companies, Fuel Direct has arrived.

For a year and a half, they have had this special fuel additive and the people who have been using it have been saving from $5 to $15 on each tank of gas! Can I believe this? I bought some. I tested it for myself. Later on, I will show you my results. Amazed you will be!

Fuel Direct is a company who's only purpose is to focus on just that one product, the fuel additive. This company claims that this fuel additive will do the following: Cut down engine wear and tear by 40% or more

Add to the life of the vehicle

Reduces maintenance costs

Reduce vehicle toxic emissions by 40% to 60% and create a cleaner environment

Can be used in gasoline and diesel engines such as trucks, cars, generators, heavy equipment, motorcycles, boats and more

Green Product and 100% Biodegradable

Check this out ....

How much can be saved? Well, a popular multinational soft drink company calculated it's diesel fuel savings based on the effectiveness of this fuel additive. Total net fuel savings on all of the trucks tested was an amazing $87,000 per year! The life expectancy of that 100 truck fleet was estimated to be increased by 25% and estimated to save the company $60,000 in maintenance costs!

You will not only save money on gas, there is also a way to simply make money, get free gas cards and get your fuel additive for free. Here is how this simple process works...

Pay a low ONE TIME membership fee

With it you get product to treat 36 tanks of gas!

NO monthly fees and NO auto ships (this is a huge plus in my book!)

Here is how the Make Money part works...

You share this with 2 people

Help them share with 2 people

The result is a team of 6

You get paid a $300 check

You receive a $50 gas card

You get enough product for 12 more tanks of gas

Your own website... a turnkey system website to tell the story so you don't have to sell anything. When someone lands on your site, you will be notified by text or email so you can follow up.

Check out these tidbits of information...

You DO NOT have to be a member to take advantage of these savings. You can just buy it!

The fuel industry is larger than the wellness and travel industries combined. As fuel prices are expected to rise, people are looking for a way to save on gas, and fuel is the most consumable commodity we have.

This specific formula is currently selling over $3 billion annually in the commercial market alone.

Here is my personal use of this product. As I said at the beginning, you will be amazed!

Beginning MPG on our 09 Honda CRV 19 mpg

1st Treatment of additive (two tubes)       23.5 mpg

2nd Treatment of additive (one tube)        24.5 mpg

3rd Treatment of additive (one tube)        27.1 mpg

4th Treatment of additive (one tube)         23.5 mpg

 Average MPG with XP3                 24.65 mpg

Miles per tank after additive 295.80 ……… 12 gallons to fill at 24.65 miles per gallon

Miles per tank before additive 228…………12 gallons to fill at 19 miles per gallon

295.80 minus 228 miles equals an extra 67.8 miles per Tank

67.8 miles divided by 19 mpg is a savings of 3.65 gallons of gas

3.65 gallons times $3.49 per gallon equals a savings of $12.45 per tank of gas!!

We fill up twice a week so multiply by 8 and you get $99.60 savings per month on only one of our cars!

We took the savings per tank of gas and divided it by the size of our tank and got our savings per gallon of gas!!! 12.45/12 equals...

$1.04 savings per gallon of gas!!!

Through my detailed documentation you can see that this fuel additive company is very honorable. As far as I have researched, all of their claims are true. Also, I finally bounced this off my son who is a mechanic. He totally stands behind this product.

If you crave more information go to http://freegaseasymoney.com and you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. The people at the customer service are amazingly helpful. You can't go wrong with this one!

The best to you in your endeavors!

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Please visit http://freegaseasymoney.com We have a product that not only saves you money at the pump, but also reduces maintenance up to 25% and will not void engine warranty! Learn how you can get free gas cards, save on gas and increase gas mileage.

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