Top Reasons To Integrate Your POS With ECommerce

Apr 7


Athul Pinjz

Athul Pinjz

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Here we will discuss about the top reasons why you need to integrate your POS Terminal with Ecommerce.


Top reasons you need a convenient eCommerce platform that automatically syncs with your Local point of sale


If you’re like several retailers,Top Reasons To Integrate Your POS With ECommerce Articles you’re maintaining your eCommerce website separate from your point of sale (POS). presentiment, you know this isn’t perfect. When systems don’t communicate with each other, problems are forced to arise. Problems such as not having sufficient time to maintain separate systems and having too many mistakes within those systems. This happens when you duplicate your works by manually registering incoming online orders, transferring inventory, attaching product images/descriptions or combining reports from one system to another.


Wouldn’t it be excellent if you could reduce those errors and effortlessly post products to your website from within your POS with just a few clicks? And were able to properly manage inventory for both your store and website in one spot? This is completely possible if your POS Terminal or POS software gives superior eCommerce integration which enables you to control your website and POS as one system. Once POS and eCommerce integration is completed, you can setup up automated purchase orders with merchants that will not only reduce the manual workload but also enhance your overall restocking time. 


Once a minimum or maximum level is relinquished your system can automatically generate and send POs directly to the vendor. It is reported that with the aid various Merchant Service Providers these retailers had accomplished sales in their ecommerce business. This POS/eCommerce integration provides you with a comprehensive picture of how your customer's shop, enabling you to more reliable structure and enhance your promotional strategy.

2. Promote to all your Customers & Leverage your Current Customers

Take benefit of what the big companies previously know- you’re most loyal customers are those who shop through various channels. Multi-channel shoppers are the most utmost brand loyal. These are often the ones who evaluate products on your website and post their orders on social media. In today’s business world of transparency, these are the kinds of customers you need. It’s time to mix your store operations with your online presence and make your cross-channel promotions more efficient as you build brand loyalty and customer retention. Automated email campaigns can target shoppers based on their purchasing patterns, interests and brand preferences. . Your CRM pulls data from every retail channel customers visit including your integrated POS, eCommerce, and third-party marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.), and combines all their email addresses. Create personalized campaigns that drive customers to your stone and mortar, website or both (pickup in-store) based on their prior behaviors and/or demographics. These types of extremely relevant cross-channel messages are more prone to increase brand loyalty and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

3. Offer In-Store Returns and Pickups

As online shopping remains to grow and the Amazon model becomes the current standard, shoppers are now favouring a fast and secure shopping experience. Most shoppers assume their order to be delivered within two days but a increasing number would prefer to pick it up within an hour. You may have marked many big box retailers, like Walmart, are now using their store locations to fulfil online purchases. You can also take help of this fulfillment model by combining your POS with your online eCommerce store. Use your store as a fulfilment center. Recognizing your customers to buy products online and pick-up in-store or even curbside offers shoppers more (and often faster) delivery options and retailers lessened shipping costs. An extension of this, which also assists improve customer satisfaction, is enabling customers to return products purchased online at the store. Add a store locator on your website displaying inventory availability in each store to give even more shopping convenience. Transforming your stock room into a mini fulfillment center will cut costs, reduce delivery times & enhance the customer experience.