How to Become the Pete Rose of Network Marketing / MLM

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Pete Rose is one of the best major league baseball playersever!  Over his career he had 4,256 hits!

There are very few people that would exert themselves tothe level that Pete Rose did while he was playing.  How manypeople that you know would attempt to call prospects 14,053times if  they had to fail almost 10,000 times to claimtheir prize? 

Pete Rose did this, but your downline wont, that is why thebest way to do this business is through an automated onlinesystem that takes away 99.9% of all rejections!

How can Pete Rose teach you how to obtain success in MLM?

Pete Rose is one of the best major league baseball playersever!  Over his career he had 4,Guest Posting256 hits!  Today a playeris considered great if he has 3,000 hits.  What does thatteach us?  I'll get back to Pete later. How do you become successful in anything?  Some people sayits experience.  So what's the definition of experience is?The best definition I ever heard is...

Experience: What you get - when you don't get - what youwant.

Isn't that the best definition of experience you have everheard?  It also sounds like the hard way to reach success. :-<

However, that is how most of us reach success.  That isthose of us that act when something is not working - thoseof us that don't get stuck in the blame game, and those ofus that quiting is not an option.  Those of us that want itso bad that we never stop looking for a better, faster,more productive way to do things!

However, there are other ways to reach success.  Theeasiest way to reach success is... find someone that hasfound the kind of success we are looking for and doeverything they did.   Doesn't that sound better?

When you study people that have had success you find manythings in common.  The one that catches my attention isthat they all find the right way to do something and thendo it over and over again over a period of time and thensomewhere along the way success finds them.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Pete Rose and listen tohim speak in front of an audience several times.  By theway he is great with an audience.  He says baseball is thebest thing you could ever do for a living.  Where else canyou fail 7 out of 10 times and be in the hall of fame?

Did you get that?  Most of us carry around with us whatthey taught us in school... they said that 30% is failingright!  And in some instances they are correct... justthink of a Doctor that only got 3 out of 10 operationsright... how long before someone charged you with murder? :-)

So maybe baseball is the greatest job you could ever have!But the best business you could ever own is NetworkMarketing! 


In network marketing or mlm if you fail 9 out of 10 timesyou are a Super Star!  Now there are very few people that exert themselves atwhat ever they do to the level that Pete Rose did while hewas playing.  He put his all at every play!  There are evenfewer that would attempt to do something 14,053 times ifthey were only going to get it right 4,256.  But Pete didand he became a Super Star among super stars.

So how do you make Super Stars out of your downlineknowing human nature says we don't like to fail that manytimes before we reach success?

The best way to do this is through an automated onlinesystem that takes away 99.9% of all rejections and whereprospects actually call you up not the other way around! Is there such a system?  Yes there is! 

You probably have heard it before… systems are duplicablenot people.  If the system takes away rejection, the reasonso many people quit network marketing / mlm, and the systemfilters through hundreds if not thousands of would beprospects for you, and then the system sets people up towant to call you because they want to sign up with you...don't you think more of your downline might stay involvedlong enough to see some success?And you know what they say about success... the worstthing you could have is a little success, because then youwant more!

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