Why Do People Say "Yes" When They Mean "No"

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Why do people say one thing, but really mean another? MLM can be frustrating to newcomers if they do not know what to expect from people they talk to. This article explains what the problem may be and how to deal with it.

If you have been in MLM for more than 2 weeks,Guest Posting you have probably invited someone to a business presentation, a home party, a seminar or some type of meeting. You just knew all 10 of the people that said "yes, I will be there" would show but only 1 or maybe 2 people were there. You were about to throw in the towel because your new business looked like it was not going to work.

Don't be alarmed! It is just part of the process. I wish more upline would help manage new reps expectations and let them know it is just a part of the process and that their success is not based on some friend or family member not seeing what they see. If more new reps had an idea of what to expect, I believe they would not quit so soon.

Anyway, let's get back to the original title, "Why do people say YES when they mean NO?" This is a question I have pondered over so many times before and my conclusion is I don't actually know why, but I believe the main reason is people would rather say yes to get you off their back so they will not have to justify themselves for saying no. Why can't people just be honest with you up front? Are we such a society to where we can't tell people "I appreciate your offer but I'm not interested." Now I'm not saying every person is like this but the average person must invite 4 to get 1 to show up. It's hard to believe that you have to ask 4 times as many to get a certain amount of people to come.

Until we can really figure out why people say "yes" when they mean "no", I guess we will just have to keep inviting 4 to get 1 for now. Like I said, this is the average person. People with a lot of influence have much better numbers. Oh, that could be your answer! Sponsor people that have a higher influence and your numbers will be much, much better. We call that sponsoring up.

Until next time here are a few examples I use to get more people to show up:

1. Mike, I know you are a man of your word, right?

2. Mike, do you work off a calendar? Great! Write our appointment down so we can be on the same page.

3. Mike, I know you have a busy schedule just like I have, so make sure you call me if something comes up.

Take some time to think of few for yourself and use them. Remember SPONSOR UP.

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