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Most people who fail in MLM fail by only walking halfway down the road of success, only to return to the starting line of a different MLM or sadly never to start again. They lack the vision and in most cases a simple knowledge of the beauty and power of MLM. Similar to seeing a glorious brick home, but failing to see the individual bricks it took to build that home.

An MLM article for every MLMer: Building a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) organization takes time before time will build your MLM. You need to work your MLM before your MLM will work for you. You must learn that consistency makes a winner before you can be a consistent winner. You must realize your goals before goals can be realized. You must be able to see the winning line to line yourself up with the winners.

Most people who fail in MLM fail by only walking halfway down the road of success,Guest Posting only to return to the starting line of a different MLM or sadly never to start again. They lack the vision and in most cases a simple knowledge of the beauty and power of MLM. Similar to seeing a glorious brick home, but failing to see the individual bricks it took to build that home.

A beautiful brick home does not appear over night. It all starts with a person with a vision. He moves that vision into action to form its reality. The land must first be cleared of all mistaken beliefs. The foundations formed from consistent determination and perspiration.

Brick homes are built one brick at a time. The more brick layers you can find the quicker the structure is built. Building your MLM is no different. After awhile you'll see the building grow by itself, sell itself and make you lots of life changing options forged in financial success. You are the builder. Every building needs a plan. A written plan that is branded with incremented deadlines.

Each construction needs a boss, a leader, you. You are your own boss. Look again at those five words: "You are your own boss". There is you the worker and you the boss. You've contracted to work your way to success, and the boss is with you every second of the day. You form an agreement for the success you crave. You state the days you will work, the exact time and hours of work that you will put into building your empire. When you take a little time off to drive to the pub, bang, there he is, staring you in the mirror screaming breach of contract. You are your own boss, so be strict and stick to your own agreement.

Earning $10,000 a month in Multi Level Marketing is extremely easy! The hardest part of making $10,000 per month is the first $1,000. Read this paragraph again, it's a need to know!

Are you familiar with Geometric Progression?

Here is an example of Geometric Progression, the reason why the "Heavy Hitter" appears as a whale, when in reality he is but a school of fish:

January.......You get one new member..................1

February......You and he get one new member......3

March..........You and they get one new member....7

April............You and they get one new member...15

May............You and they get one new member....31

June............You and they get one new member....63

July.............You and they get one new member...127

August.........You and they get one new member....255

September....You and they get one new member...511

October........You and they get one new member...1023

November.....You and they get one new member...2047

December....You and they get one new member....4095

There are interesting points to be noted about the above 12 month plan.

A) How many members did you personally sponsor each month? The answer is one.

B) How many did each member sponsor each month? The answer is one.

If you can stick at MLM for 12 months, bring in one new member per month and have them do the same then the above results are practical.

Unfortunately most people can't wait to be rich. They can't wait for pay day. They give Network Marketing six months and finish. Why? Because they feel things aren't moving quick enough and the grass on the other side of the river is starting to look greener and greener.

In the above example the new member after six months of hard work has only 63 members. If he sticks things out to December he will have 65 times as many members as he has in June. Let me just repeat that. Come December he will have sixty five times more members than he had in June. That is the beauty and the power of MLM, Network Marketing.

So my question is, "How much time have you decided to give your MLM, Network Marketing Business to work for you?" If you're only going to give any MLM six months worth of time and effort then your result will be minimal.

Remember, the only place were money comes before work is in the dictionary.

Firstly you have to work for your MLM and work real hard. Then your MLM will work hard for you.

If someone was willing to pay you $4000 a month for 12 months to recruit just one person a month, would you? Do you think you could?

If after the first 12 moths they offered to pay you $10,000 a month would you continue to get one person a month for the Network Marketing Business?

Have your ever heard MLMers brag about the 1000s of members they have in their downline, or in the upline's downline? Just remember, they didn't do it all by themselves. They may have only brought in a handful of those total members.

The difference between success and failure in MLM is basically a time factor and your level of consistency in working your plan. The more people you sift through the more success you'll have.

I'm sure that you'd love to have 4000+ members after only twelve months. You know that the formula for everyone, including yourself, is to bring in only one member per month and have that member do the same.

The problem is, how do you give yourself a better than average chance of this working for you? The answer is: recruit more than one member per month. Personally I bring in 5 to 10 per month. If you want 4000+ members in your downline then work on everyone bringing in two new members per month just to make sure.

If you like playing " What if " to get you motivated, just go back and see how many members you would have if everyone brought in just two members per month over 12 months.

How do you ensure that your downline will recruit for you? Well, the answer is you can't. You can only ensure that they can recruit. Can meaning that they have befor them the means to recruit.

The team needs to be fed, on a monthly basis, a combination of online and offline leads. Leads that have been pre-qualified as being people interested in Network Marketing or business opportunity. If your team has leads that they can work each month then the chances that they will work are in your favor.

Importantly they need the training on how to turn those leads into members. The training could be by telephone. Not everyone is online, and not many people want to travel to and pay for meetings. In this day and age of Fax On Demand, Voice Systems, the Internet, there is no reason why a home business can't be just that:  A home business.

Most of you reading this are probably in America. I'm an Australian living in Japan. I run my American MLM and mostly American team from Japan. With the systems that my MLM company have in place for me I do not suffer "The Tyranny Of Distance". I work an American MLM using mostly American Leads from the comfort of my home here in Japan. 

There is definitely a combination of factors that will lead anyone to financial success in MLM. They are:

1. Good Primary MLM.

A sound debt free company that you can rely on to be around the next few years.

2. Member Retention.

It's no use shoveling lots of members into a business opportunity if they are just going to drop out. Great products or services and a great company does not build most of your retention factor. Good downline communication helps greatly but the key factor to retention is usually profit. For example, my internet business costs $29 a month. So I knew from the start, that the most members I needed  to get was three.

Most people will not retail unless they have had a great result with the product or service. Profit in the form of commissions over and above monthly commitments is what is important and will keep your members recruiting new members into their team. Teaching your members how to get new members will put both you and them into profit.

Members are a bit like Pelicans, if you feed them fish they keep coming back for more fish. Don't feed them fish, teach them how to fish. You teach them everything you know, then they add their know-how onto that and you have a better member than yourself.

3. Prospects.

It's no use having the best company, the best product or service, the best pay plan if you haven't got people to introduce it all to. You need a constant source of people to talk to or to put into your lead capture funnel etc. People who give up on Network Marketing and give it a bad name to boot are people who were not prepared to work the business. It's no use being on the road to success if you don't walk it a little everyday!

4. Consistency & Time.

To be successful, to obtain your MLM, Network Marketing, dreams, you need to add consistency and time to the formula. You need to be consistent in the numbers of people that you contact over a set period of time. If you don't have clear cut goals every little bump in the road will become a mountain to climb over. You only lose your way when you take your eyes of your goal.

The hardest part of making $10,000 a month in Network Marketing is the first $1000.

5. Goals and Plans.

You need immediate, short term and long term goals. Your immediate goal should be to get into profit. If you need to get X amount of  people to be in residual profit, then you need to get them now. You may have to get them all yourself, but normally new members will bring in new members so you may not have to get them all yourself. Never rely on others to do your work, get them yourself for you will be better for it. Be serious. As serious as a heart attack. Members that are not in profit blame their failure on broken promises, the company, the products, you name it. So take care of yourself first. Your business is YOUR business. Your failures are YOUR failures. 

There are only two people that are responsible for your success in MLM, Network Marketing. They are you and yourself. You need to plan how you are going to get new people! 

When I was in the the Victoria Police Force, Detective Training School in Melbourne, Australia, my old Sergeant said, "Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail". You need to know where your prospects are going to be coming from.

6. Understand your Compensation Plan.

Grab your calculator and have a real good look at your compensation plan. Your first goal is to be in profit. In some plans strategically placing members will give you the quickest profits.

Money is not everything, unless you don't have it. We don't work our MLM, Network Marketing business for the money. We work it for the options that money can buy and the people we can help on the way. Think of what you could do with $10,000 per month. You may like to give it to your parents, buy a car or two, a house or two. Give it to your favorite charity. The options are only limited to your imagination and goals.

Time will work for you as you work for your MLM. Consistency will prove you a winner. Your goals will be your stepping stones on the way to the winning line. You will have your school of fish and a whale of a time swimming the oceans of options that MLM, Network Marketing has provided so simply for you. Read on:

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