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If there's one thing that's become ... to me recently ... past several months - it's the dilemma of finding the time to domy MLM ... the advent of ... the ...

If there's one thing that's become crystal-clear to me recently during
the past several months - it's the dilemma of finding the time to do
my MLM business.

With the advent of coordinating the construction of a room-addition on
our house,Guest Posting having my wife spend five weeks in the hospital to delay
the birth of our twin boys, and then have our boys spend two months in
the hospital intensive care nursery, AND constructing a website for my
wife's home- based has been - to put it lightly...busy.

But you know what?

We're all 'busy'.

And to you, as a beginning networker working that list of MLM leads
you just bought, those are all just excuses.

Especially if you're the person on the other end of my phone and were
wanting me to join you in your fledgling MLM home- based biz-op.

I'll explain...

If you asked me to join you on your path to success with your main
company and I came up with all that stuff in order so that I could
give you the impression that I was 'just too busy'...well, it would
just be MLM human nature for you to view all that as another excuse
from a prospect.

MLM human nature that would cause you to say "NEXT!" and then move on
to your next cold-call prospect.

But what if I said to you something to the effect of...

"I can't do that MLM stuff right now, the basketball finals are just
starting on four satellite channels."


"I'm in the middle of reading this really cool book, call me later."


"I can't do that prospecting stuff in the evening, I have to go to bed
early so I can get a good night's sleep and be rested for work


"I can't make those calls to those fresh MLM leads on the east coast
first thing tomorrow morning. I have to have breakfast and read my
daily morning newspaper."

Pretty lame excuses, eh? I wouldn't blame you if you wrote off anyone
saying that kind of stuff.

But you know what?

How many of you 'busy' yourself up with that kind of stuff on a daily

How many hours a week do YOU spend watching the television, or reading
the newspaper or that favorite novella every day or still thinking you
need eight to nine hours of sleep EVERY night?

I'll hazard a guess that most of you do. Heaven knows, I did at one

There was a time before I got serious about networking and working my
MLM business that I too thought that I 'had' to watch 2-3 hours of
television every day. And sleep a good eight hours in order to feel
rested and last through the next day. And to get up and start my day
by reading the depressing news in the newspaper for about a half hour
to an hour.

I did this EVERY day.

And then I'd complain that I didn't have enough time to 'do things'...

...Like work my new MLM business.

...Like prospect for prospects.

...Like contact the ones that wanted me to contact them.

...Like read the stuff to help me be strong in my business dealings.

...Like work the phone and call back people who had left messages for
me to call THEM.

When I realized that there was only going to be one way that I would
'find' more time in my days...things changed.

My MLM business changed.

How I spent my days changed.

The results I had in life changed.

Instead of sleeping 8 to 9 hours every day...I decided that I only
needed 6 hours of sleep to get through each day.

Instead of reading the newspaper for almost an hour every day...I read
books that built me up as a human being and that benefitted me in
every corner of my life. Not just my MLM business.

Instead of watching 2 to 3 hours of the tube every day ...I now watch
about one hour of television A MONTH.

Am I bragging?


Was it tough to give this stuff up?

It was like coming off an addiction. It was as if someone was asking
me to give up a piece of my-self.

Was it worth it?

Darn right it was!


Can you do the same?

Only you know the answer to that one.

How badly do you want to find the hours to work your MLM business each
and every week?

How badly to you want to stop hiding behind the excuse that you're
'too busy'?

How badly do you want to move beyond where you are now (which
incidentally is a continuing repeat of where you were many times

It takes persistence, guts, and the 'gotta wanna' drive in order to
fully change your life.

Change what you want...and you change your thoughts.

Change your thoughts...and you 'change' your mind.

Change your mind...and you change yourself.

Change yourself...and you change your life.

Change your life...and you are MAKING your world.

What world do you want to make from now on?....

How badly do you want your world to include a viable, working,
successful MLM business venture that takes the heat off of you to
provide for yourself and/or your family in this world?

How willing are you to start looking for where you can find that 7 to
10 hours to begin a genuine effort to give yourself what you
desperately want to hold in your life.





Peace of mind.


If you've already trimmed your life like I'm talking about above, then
Bravo! for you.


If you haven't, then I offer you these last few words.

If you've read what I've written and you think that I'm absolutely
wacko for writing it and you're going to hit the 'back' button on your
browser right now...all I ask is for you to think about one thing
tomorrow, before you do anything drastic.

When you get up tomorrow morning and are reading your daily blast of
'news' while eating breakfast...

...and you're relaxing in front of the television after your busy day
at the J.O.B. or after a long day at home looking after the rugrats...

...and when you are hitting the sack at night for your daily long dose
of zzzz's....

...think about what I wrote for you today.

Ask yourself --

-- "How is this activity (T.V./sleeping/junk reading) helping me get
what I want out of my MLM business?"

After asking that and after thinking about it, if you discover that
you are in the eeniest, tiniest, smallest way wondering how to make
this MLM stuff work out better for you...

Begin with this small step...

Begin to change your life by changing what you want. You'll find that
'finding the time' will become second nature for you. Those seven to
twenty hours EVERY week will just pop up in your life like magic.

And just wait until you discover for yourself what you can then 'busy'
yourself with trying to fill them up.


Your MLM business, perhaps?...

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