Why Indonesia Serious MLM Networkers MUST Consider Joining bHIP And harmonybest Team?

Mar 9


Victor Lim Chee Seong

Victor Lim Chee Seong

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All owners of MLM Companies Definitely would like to expand their business to as many countries as possible. So if the company you joined is NOT financially Strong, then…


“Those who like to succeed BIG in MLM Networking MUST READ This Article.”


My earlier article,Why Indonesia Serious MLM Networkers MUST Consider Joining bHIP And harmonybest Team? Articles I share Why 90% of MLM networkers Failed?

Please allow me to re-cap.


1. 1st, they chose the Wrong MLM Company which is NOT WORLD RECOGNITION. This is VERY Important, as because in order to succeed in Any MLM Company, you need to have great numbers of members. WHY?


2. It is because 90% of your Team members would become Non-Active after 1 year.


3. Therefore, you need to go to another country to get New Members in order to maintain your income. This is a very tiring process if you do not know how?


4. If the MLM Company you joined is NOT IN WORLD ACCEPTENCE, then you get HARD TIMES in recruiting New Members when you go to another country for sponsoring.


5. All owners of MLM Companies Definitely would like to expand their business to as many countries as possible. So if the company you joined is NOT financially Strong, then it would take few years to go to the next country or it could be NO Chance at all because the MLM Company is NOT more viable after 2 years.


6. If the products is NOT Quality or in HIGH Standard and of NOT in Demand by the World. Then this MLM Company and the products DO NOT gain Public Confidence. Therefore you would encounter various problems and obstacles in introducing and recruiting New Members.


7. Again, if you joined the MLM Company after 10 years, 20 years or 40 years later after the establishment, company like Amway, Melaleuca, Herbalife and so on. You are NOT in the Pioneer Position, then I would find it DIFFICULT and IMPOSSIBLE for you as Late Comer to earn money as because everywhere on earth and every persons you meet already a member.


NOTE Please Read my Previous Article “ Why I cannot Join You in Melaleuca ? “


8. Now, Let say you are Lucky to joined A company ( MLM ABC) which is a World Recognition MLM Company with strong financial strength. And The Products of this MLM Company sells High quality products plus in great Demand by the World. On top of that you are the World Pioneer Member.


Now, Do you think you can earn BIG Money, My dear friends?

9. The answer for the above is Still NO.


10. If the above mentioned MLM Company (MLM ABC)’s Compensation Plan is NOT Attractive, then most members cannot survive.


11. Not Attractive means either the 1st Bonus Started Bonus is Not sufficient to cover the members initial expenses and overhead like, phone bills, petrol money etc.


12. You would see the scenario below in This (MLM ABC) company. All members of this ABC Company are very confidence and they are working very hard in recruiting members so Team Volume increases fast into thousands and thousands within 1 year.


13. You would see many downline members in your Team, but I would say in less than 1 year, 95% of these members became Non-Active due to NO income because of BAD Compensation Plan. And you as the Leader would eventually also get NO Income.


14. Therefore, it is pointless to join a MLM ABC Company and you are the Pioneer. This is what I mean Surviving Rate must be Good & High. To me this is the most important factor for any MLM Networkers to succeed.


15. It is even worse if the monthly maintenance for member is Very High OR Compensation Plan allow members to buy in bulk and then dumping the Price “ Price War “.


16. The answer is Yes provided you joined the 1st Class MLM Company with an Attraction Compensation Plan.

Here I would like you to study and evaluate bHIP. Why bHIP ? Please READ ALL my previous articles in this blog.


17. Now, Please Pay Attention!

Why Serious MLM Networkers either from Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Any countries and/ Western Top MLM Leaders MUST CONSIDER Join me in bHIP ?


18. I knew many Malaysia MLM Companies started at home in Malaysia, doing well during the 1styear, then after 1 year, 95% of members and the MLM Company seem shaky and No viable. The MLM Owners then expand across to neighboring Countries like Indonesia and due to the Huge Population of Indonesian. This MLM Company generate Huge Profits.


19. 2 years later, 95% of Indonesia members in this MLM Company Again become NON-Active.


20. Top Earner Members begin to see their Income dropped after 2 years again. Why? Why? Why?


21. This is a reason why the Compensation Plan is a very important factor. And when the compensation plan is Not Attractive and the MLM Company is a small MLM company then this company DOES NOT has the ability to go to another country.


22. It is a Pity that You spent 2 years in Malaysia and 3 years in Indonesia, Total 5 long years of hard work in MLM Networking. Then After 5 years your dreams towards financial freedom just vanished into thin air.


23.  What a Pity? So, What should I do?


24.  Do you know how to analyze Compensation Plan?


25.  Do you know How to choose which MLM Company is Ideal for you?


26.  The Answer is to Follow The Wise, The Born Leaders.


27.  These Born Leaders are uniquely skilled with ability to identify Opportunity and guide you Strategy and market directions.


28.  Otherwise MLM Business indeed is The Best Opportunity in the 21st century but you JUST don’t have the Luck & Skills to taste it and you end up with GREAT DISSAPOINTMENT and MISERY.


29.  For me, I would NOT join A MLM Company from the third World or developing Countries because these countries DO NOT get World Acceptance and their Credential are NOT strong of course with exceptional case.


30.   I would NOT join A MLM from the Advanced and developed Countries who market high tech products such as telecom services, mobile, computer applications and technology, Insurance, utilities & etc.


31.  Because these products and services are in Great competitions with several private and government bodies. Most Government of each country has their own Policy and Regulation. Thus it limits this MLM Company going Global.


32.  Another point is that these high tech products usually upgrading and become obsolete fast and also these high tech products are so complicated to introduce to New prospects.


33.  I also would NOT join any MLM Company who sell products Like Vitamins, Pills, Drugs and chemical contents as these products are NOT in Today’s trend and demand. Today many people prefer to go for Alternative medicine such as herbal products and Natural fruit juice and extracts.


34. I also would NOT join A MLM who market householder products as because I can’t compete with so many housewives around the world who are so free and good at talking from one housewife to another housewife into members and purchase the products.


35.  These housewives members can do quite well in this MLM Company because they can buy the products for their own Usage. I use the words quite well is because Great Competition among the housewives in this MLM Company, therefore, they DO NOT have the chance to perform Super Well unless they are Pioneers since the company established.


36.  You must know housewife make Decision on Householder products. I would love to stay as a member of Amway or Melaleuca if I am a Amway member 40 years ago or I am a Melaleuca member 10 years ago since I cannot be the Pioneer NOW and I know that I Don’t have the abilities  to compete with the housewives. Therefore, it is useless for me join Amway and Melaleuca.


37.  But I would definitely like to own A MLM Company which sells householder Products in future.

This is to Reason Why Amway and Malaleuca can do very well. But these 2 MLM companies just NOT suitable for me as a Networker.


38. Likewise I would NOT sell a product which market segment belongs only to female like Sanity Pad. This product limits your prospects only to female market segment, members also females therefore this is limitation.


39. I am a gentleman, how can I sell and talk to female about this product. Can you imagine?


40. Why bHIP?

Now you must understand the Reasons why I and many Smart Leaders from Asia in my Team chose bHIP.


41.  And WHY You must Consider to join bHIP & harmonybest Team if YOU want to SUCCEED in life?

Please read my Articles :-

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VIII.   To make HUGE money, You Must Be World Pioneer.


42.  My sincere wishes to all the MLM Networkers.

May You Work Smart. May You Have the Chance to Follow The Wise and The Successful Leaders who are Willing to guide You every steps towards success.

May you Make the Right Decision.


43.  May You find this Article Useful & beneficial.

Please email me when you Decided to join my Team

harmonybest Team. So that I can put you in the RIGHT POSITION.

“ Let Me Help You “

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I. As a Smart Investor since it does not cost you much.

II. You get bHIP health products when you become a member.

PP/S:- Please read article “Why I cannot join you Melaleuca? Why you Should join me in bHIP?” and several other articles on www.asialeadersblog.com


God Bless You ALL Always

Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Guide and Protect You Always.



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