Paridigm Shifts, Responsibility, & Network Marketing...

May 5


Thom Reece

Thom Reece

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" of the marks of a paradigm shift is that what used to be considered peripheral, moves to center stage." (Thomas Kuhn)


What Thomas Kuhn is talking about,Paridigm Shifts, Responsibility, & Network Marketing... Articles in the quote above, is a perfect example of the major paradigm shift that has occurred in the peoples relationship to WORK. A paradigm can be defined as a commonly held belief . When I was growing up in the Midwest it was a paradigm (a commonly held belief) that the road to a happy life was to:

  • get a good education,
  • get a good job with a big corporation
  • keep your nose clean
  • retire in 20 to 30 years with a secure income for life.

That belief in corporate America's willingness and/or ability to "take-care" of us, is no longer valid. Anyone still holding on to that old paradigm is headed for great disappointment and failure.

The only person you can depend on to take care of you in future years is the person you look at in the mirror in themorning....YOU! No government, no company or benevolent corporation (now there's an oxymoron) is going to be there for you.

Major underlying shifts have been occurring in the economyof America and the world. Corporate downsizing, layoffs,offshore production, government realignments, shifts froma manufacturing/hard industry economy to an informationand service systems economy with all the accompanying displacement in the work force, NAFTA, WTO... the list goes on and on.

All of these trends form a checklist of reasons for you tobe taking ACTION today to assure your own financial well-being and security.

I am 60 years old....I do not expect Social Security to be around when I need it. The agency may be there(impossible to kill a bloated federal bureaucracy) but it will bear no resemblance to the agency that has provided for our parents. The benefits to us will be a fraction of what it should be... filled with means testing, qualifiers, etc. that did not exist in previous years....and will not provide even a bare subsistence income.

With all bleak forecasts, however, come the seeds of opportunity... this forecast is no different. The opportunity is the dramatic adaptability of the human animal. Seeing these major paradigm shifts, they have come to the realization that if they are to have a secure future for themselves, their family and loved ones, they must TAKE POSITIVE ACTION.

Everywhere we turn, we see vibrant new business opportunities emerging. Bright, educated, motivated people, are beginning to discover the ABSOLUTE NEED to start a business of their own and make the necessary investment of time, energy, and money into something that is financially lucrative, morally upright, and gives positive benefits to society as a whole.

As a network marketing distributor you are in a unique position, through your marketing efforts, to secure your own financial future, perform a morally positive service, and strengthen the values that are the foundation of our nation.

Network marketing distributors are given the RIGHT to pursue the above stated benefits. I believe you also have the RESPONSIBILITY to work hard and diligently towards the achieving of these benefits. You have the responsibility to yourself, your family, and your country.

You are much more than just a product/service based network marketing represent a CAUSE! It is our stated goal--- our RESPONSIBILITY--- to provide for the increased well being of everyone in in the our time and talents allow.

The next time you look upon the face of a anyone that is not protected with your products and services, ask yourself this question:

"Am I living up to my responsibilities?"

If I may be so bold as to paraphrase John F. Kennedy.....

"Ask not what Network Marketing can do for you.... Ask what you can do for all mankind... through the entrepreneurial vehicle of Network Marketing!"