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Describes a revolutionary new Funded Proposal MLM Prospecting system developed by Kimball Roundy, an MLM Guru.  Plug your business into an already existing and ever-expanding lead-catching web. The article describes a funded proposal system, gives brief details and a link to the site.

The SpiderWeb System is a Revolutionary new Funded Proposal MLM Prospecting system which was developed by Kimball Roundy. It is designed to help Network Marketers in their business building efforts by creating their own lead-trapping,Guest Posting world wide web. The System Maximizes the power and reach of the Internet to bring targeted Network Marketing Prospects right to your door who are eager to get signed up with you, and instead of paying to generate or buy these leads, they end up PAYING YOU to become leads. In essence, instead of chasing people for your business, they start chasing and paying you to be considered as a prospect to join you. It is a pretty sweet concept and it works like a charm… IF you have the time to learn it and implement the system.What do you mean by "a Funded Proposal Prospecting System?"The basic (very simplified) idea behind a "Funded Proposal" prospecting system is this:You use a website or system (as an "affiliate," usually with a specific affiliate referral tracking link) that is set up to generate MLM Targeted Leads by advertising "help" and or "training" that will help the person seeking the help (the LEAD) with generating leads for their primary business.For example, you find someone searching Google or Yahoo who is looking for "MLM Leads" or "Network Marketing Leads" and show an ad to them that says essentially:"Quit Wasting Your Time and Money on MLM Leads! Let Me Show you how to Generate your own, and get Paid by Each one of Them Whether or not They Join Your Business…"If you were spending hundreds of dollars and hours and hours (maybe you are, if so, pay attention) buying and then contacting hundreds of leads, wouldn't the above idea appeal to you?So, with this system you are advertising help or training, and in exchange for a free newsletter or basic e-book they give you their contact information (LEAD). This newsletter will usually tell them "WHAT" to do but not show them "HOW" to do it. Then, through reading the free newsletters or e-books or watching the free videos etc they are introduced to some product that they can buy (usually the Full details and step by step training on HOW to do what they just told you to do) and if the person who signed up for the info decides to purchase the product then you as the affiliate who referred them will make a commission. So, essentially what will happen is you, will be looking for a way to grow your business, you will find one of these sites and sign up for the free info (You are someone else's lead) then you decide you want to get the whole story, buy the product (book, e-book etc.) and the person who referred you makes $20 or $50 or whatever the commission amount for the book sale is.So, for example, if you are advertising on Google, and you spend $20 and generate 10 leads, and one of them buys the training book, and you make $20 or more from it, then you made at least your money back and got 10 good unique leads… Make sense? If you get 2 book/training course sales and make $40 then you made $20 to generate 10 leads. Multiply that times 100 and you have 1,000 great leads and $4,000 in your pocket by investing $2,000 into advertising. Then, if you keep re-investing your "profits" into more advertising then you keep making more and more cash and have more people then you would possibly talk to so you can start to be picky instead of desperate and pick and choose only the most sharp and capable people to spend your time with…So, that is how a Funded Proposal is designed to work.The SpiderWeb system is very similar to other "Funded Proposal" prospecting systems (i.e. Magnetic Sponsoring, Net MLM Profits, Power Prospecting System, the Renegade Network Marketer etc.) but with one HUGE difference:--Each of these other systems is just trying to sell you a training e-book, book or some other training videos etc.--Then, it is 100% up to you to try to first find the time to read, watch or listen to whatever they are teaching you.--Then you have to find the time to review/read/watch it over and over again, enough to feel like you actually know what it is that they are trying to teach you.--Then, you have to actually try it out and go through the usually very long learning curve and tons of time or money spent "figuring out" how to actually DO it all...--You have to DO all this only to get to the point where you have figured out how to generate leads for your business online. Then you have to find the time to actually call them and build a relationship with them in hopes of getting them interested in your primary business. Who has the time for all that?--Basically they end up being a black hole for your time and money, and only 5-10% of the people who buy them figure out how to make them work in their favor.The truth is that 90-95% of the people who buy these books, e-books or training courses never actually do anything with them. They are excited when they buy them (They are simply buying HOPE) they might even spend some time right then and there, in the excitement of the moment to read them. But then, life sets in, kids need to be fed, bills have to be paid and overall, people just don't have the time to actually read it, then learn it, then try it, then perfect it, and then follow up with their new prospects, hopefully recruit a few, then train them to duplicate etc... How can you possibly fit all that into your "Part time after work" home business? Let's face it, you can't.So, how does the SpiderWeb System differ from all the others?It is simple, they do ALL the "Funded Proposal" work for you! They do all the steps for you right up top where you just have to contact your new fresh warm leads and build the relationship.They are not just selling you some e-book or training course, they are offering a "SERVICE." They have a large and intricate web constructed and instead of buying a book, you pay them to plug into their already functioning web and they DO the Marketing, Prospecting, Selling, Support and everything else that you would otherwise have to learn how to do and then do with other systems. AND, it is still a "Funded Proposal," meaning, you will always be MAKING more money than you are spending to generate the leads. With the SpiderWeb System:--You sign up--They Set up and Manage all your Marketing for you--You get leads--You generate up to 12+ streams of Passive Residual Income before/without ever talking to a single prospect--Then, They contact the leads for you from their corporate call center and close them on also using the marketing services instead of buying other "Info Product" type Funded Proposal Systems--You get paid for the affiliate sales, just like other funded proposals, meaning you are profiting from your advertising, instead of paying for it.--You contact and build a relationship with your new, unique to you, real-time Network Marketing Targeted leads--Your business grows bigger, faster than with any other system, period.--Oh, and they have a money back guarantee on the results so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.--Oh, and their pricing is the same or cheaper than other competitors "Info Products"With the innovative 12+ streams of income that they will generate for you before any product, service book or company is sold, it is THE FIRST TRUE "FUNDED PROPOSAL" where you get paid for your marketing before the lead has ever been contacted by anyone or sold anything…I know, I have not explained that part, you are just going to have to head over and check it out to find out exactly how it works.So go ahead, check out the website http://thespiderwebsystem.com/

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