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Need business leads but deterred by the cost? By eliminating or minimizing lead costs, funded proposals are a great way to generate leads to build any business.

Leads,Guest Posting whether you generate them yourself or buy them from a lead company, can cost 3-8 dollars per each. Spending 3-8 dollars per lead is not sustanable long term. Without a strategy to reduce or eliminate that cost you will quickly be out of business. Without a strategy to eliminate that cost, duplication will go out the window because very few

people have that kind of money to invest long term in their business.

The Funded Proposal can, if used properly, add a continuous stream of qualified prospects to your marketing funnel for pennies on the dollar.

As an example my first funded proposal yielded 100 leads and $ 457 dollars. My cost was $178 dollars. When it was all said and done, I generated 100 business leads and earned over 200 dollars profit.

What is a funded proposal? If you were to generate leads for your business by advertising alone, you would have the expense of advertising and the only way to recoup that expense would be through recruiting for your business and or selling your product. The income you generate by recruiting does not come instantly. A considerable amount of time can pass between the investment you make in your advertising and the income you generate by recruiting and selling your product.

A funded proposal will eliminate that lag time by providing a product to sell to your target market so that while you create the lead, you also create the income in real time to pay for that lead.

Keys to running a successful funded proposal:

1) You must have a product to sell

2) Your product must add value to your prospect

3) Your product must be easy to deliver to your prospect

4) You must have a system to run your proposal

5) Your product should already be tested in the market place so that you can plan your advertising campaign.

6) Your product must truly be your own. In other words, many products available for use in a funded proposal have affiliate or marketing links embedded in them by the creator of the product. What this means is that your prospect becomes their prospect. Not good.

You will realize two key benefits to your lead generation efforts by using funded proposals:

1) It sorts and sifts your lead. Many people fill out forms on the internet and the majority will never take action. A completed form simply demonstrates a level of interest on the part of your prospect, but there is no way to quantify or qualify that level of interest. A funded proposal allows you to do that. A person who purchases your product through your funded proposal has demonstrated that they are willing to invest in themselves to support their interest. That upgrades your prospect from curious to serious and should guide your follow up method.

2) It takes the pressure off of you when you follow up with your lead. When you call your prospect, you are truly making a courtesy call. The lead is free eliminating the pressure to make the sale just to cover your marketing costs. You can really follow up in a relaxed and easy way.

The funded proposal is simple and provides a way to qualify your prospects and increase retention in your organization. The funded proposal is duplicable and takes the financial bite out of lead generation

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