Blessed is he

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Search within because that is where authentic beauty is found

Love not what is

But what may become

Live not in the past,Guest Posting neither dwell in the future

Present yourself in the now and centre your focus in the moment

Pray not what the lord can do for you

Pray for what you and the Lord can do for others

Give not what is expected to be received

Overcompensate and give favorably more than is expected

Learn not only from the truths on the news, and in the paper

But learn of the truths at your own doorstep, from your own day

Don’t think of yourself as an independently unity

Think of yourself as a unified whole, with the earth and all those that inhabit it

You are made from the same creator

As I

You breathe the very joy and peace that is life

As I

You have the very same time in a day

As I

You are not so different to me

Yet why aren’t we treated equally?

You and I are one

One is you and I

Yet our love and our hearts remain in the dark

Till the day your distance closes part

Till the day you meet with our internal light

Not ever shall you know

The true beauty that you bestow

The beauty natural and unnoticed

Blessed are we all

But so blind to see

The abundance we possess

And this internal glorified light we call life

The beauty that is within you, that is within me

Blessed is the man that cherishes himself enough to see his internal beauty, the beauty that the creator granted us all.

Blessed is he.

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