Tomorrow is another day!

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For sure tomorrow will not be like today.So make the best of the day when it is here.

Tomorrow we will see things in another light.

The way life is today is not how it will show up tomorrow. That is for sure. Make a note also to do the things you planned to do today because it changes tomorrow. Do not put it on hold if you want things to be done the way you want it.

Be in charge of your life. Take more responsibility.

How are we otherwise suppose to teach our children?

Be the role model they deserve to have. What do you appreciate in a person or a friend? What kind of values would you like to be remembered for? Maybe you do not care but I am sure your kids do. I remember what I thought about my parents. The way they treated other people. The first boyfriends I took home. My father was so embarrassing to them. He did not remember their names and treated them with disrespect. Not what I like to do. Maybe it was a game for him I so not know but what I do know is I did not like it. That’s what I mean by keeping in mind things you like to copy from your parents. You must have had great people around you like teachers etc. If you do not want to copy your parents. As tomorrow never will be the same again you might as well create a new plan if you are not satisfied. Put a list together divided in two parts. On one side write all the things you like to keep and on the other side write the things you are unhappy with. Rip the paper in the middle; keep the good side and burn the bad one. Like the old saying keep the best and leave the rest. We can create a new plan as often we like. But is it wise?

I would suggest sticking to the original plan for at least six to seven months. Unless you find out the path is wrong yes then make a few changes. It is not about the changes it is the consistency of it that counts. Life is a number of repetitions.

See how kids learn to walk. They try ones,Guest Posting falling and up again for how many times? As many times until they can walk. How many people do you know that try new thing ones and then give up? I know lots of people who do that.

It is understandable of course. The biggest challenge in life is patience. Have faith that everything will work out and that the only issue we have is time. What is time? Just lots of moments that goes by. So take your time as a priority. Think that this day may be the last one. If it was would I be happy to leave the Earth that way and would my kids be proud of me?

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