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To do what you dream, you must have faith, courage and the willingness to take action despite what skeptics say, do or believe.

Dreams abound in the imagination of children.  These dreams of athletic grandeur,Guest Posting Hollywood fame and heroic pursuits are more than fantasies to the hopeful young; they are possibilities.

But as the dreamers grow, the negative influences of junior and senior high stifle those dreams and impair success.  They are taught to discard their dreams as foolish and seek practical, ordinary jobs so they can live practical, ordinary lives.

They are not taught that dreamers have a duty to fulfill their dreams.  The are not taught that they are creatures of infinite potential.  They are not taught that if they have the ability to dream a dream, they have the ability to realize that dream.  They are not taught that dreamers can be doers and that Dream Doers are unstoppable.

A Dream Doer is unstoppable first and foremost because he believes in himself and in his dreams.  He sees himself as someone worthy of accomplishing his dreams as long as those dreams do not defy the laws of God, of man or of nature. 

So he nurtures, encourages and feeds these dreams, dreams he sees as a reality even though they have not yet come to pass.  As this faith grows, his mind works to find ways to manifest his dreams.

Yet faith alone is not enough.  He must take action.  But he needs something to bridge the gap between faith and action.  That something is courage.

Courage to admit his hopes.  Courage to face his dreams.  Courage to want his desires.  Even when everyone around him is just trying to be normal.  To fit in.  To live according to the expectations of others. 

A Dream Doer exemplifies true courage when he puts his faith into words.  By taking pen to paper and writing his dreams, a Dream Doer takes a step most dreamers do not dare to take.

And by telling others and verbalizing his dreams, a Dream Doer demonstrates his courageous determination to succeed despite what skeptics say, do or believe.

Such courage propels the Dream Doer to take action.  Focused action.  Purposeful action.  Definite action in pursuit of his definite dreams.  It is this type of action that separates ordinary people from extraordinary ones.  For action makes things happen.

So a Dream Doer sets a big goal and then does something small toward that goal every single day.  He may not succeed all at once, but little by little, he gets what he wants.

Dream Doers imagine success and achieve it.  Be a Dream Doer.

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