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Do you brush your teeth everyday?  And use mental floss daily (yes, MENTAL floss!!) as well?   And do you know how to be like Teflon when you are surrounded by Velcro?

I have a few questions I'd like to ask you.  Warning: They WILL make you think.  They might even make you squirm a bit.  They'll also invite you to take a few more steps into your greatness.  Are you up for that? we go...

  • What would happen if you were pushed from the edge?
  • Would you fall?
  • Or would you fly?
  • What would you do if you found yourself faced with a charging bull?
  • Run?
  • Or be like the matador and dance around it?
  • What would you do if you fell into a deep darkness?
  • Would you just give up?
  • Or would you allow yourself to go through the whole metamorphosis and become the butterfly that you truly are?
  • What would you do if you found yourself in awkward,Guest Posting uncomfortable, unfamiliar and unpredictable situations?
  • Avoid them at all costs?
  • Or would you dive into them, realizing that those experiences are what you need to keep growing?
  • What would you do if you found yourself continually trying to steer and drive your car through the rear view mirror?
  • Would you just keep crashing into the same stuff over and over?
  • Or would you put your hands on the steering wheel and your foot on the accelerator and drive yourself into your utmost passion, purpose and prosperity?

Yes, what would you do??!!

Here's a couple more....

Or do you get sucked in by and entangled with the energy drains, emotional vampires and beauty robbers? did you do?   More importantly, did you get it?

If you want to truly live in your greatness, live in passion and live on purpose with power and prosperity, you have to know how to navigate in, around and through Life.

Right??!!  Want to start?  Great!  Start by saying, "I DO."

Yes...say "I DO" to You.

Say "I DO" to discovering a life in which you live according to your values and your priorities. NOT from what you think others would have you do.

Say "I DO" to finding your purpose and then living "on purpose" regardless of what that little gremlin in your head tries to tell you about it being "unrealistic."

And say "I DO" to creating AND maintaining the boundaries that will insure that you keep yourself focused on the path of happiness, health and, oh yes, unlimited wealth.

Sound unreal?  Like "Pollyanna"?

Funny thing...I'm reading Pollyanna right now. Yes, the "kid's" book. It's not really just for kids. No....this was for parents as much or maybe even more.

Yes, sweet Pollyanna played the Glad Game. She always challenged herself to find something she felt glad about.  This was after her mother died.  And after her father died.  And after she was sent to live with her cold and bitter aunt.

She always found something to be glad about.  Everyday...and many times everyday.  She truly discovered one of Life's secrets.

So go ahead, have a little Pollyanna... all it will do is give you a more positive outlook.  And what that will do is change your attitude.  And all that will do is give you more gratitude.   And all that will do is change your latitude.

Latitude?  Yes, latitude. Change your thinking and you will change the way you look at everything and the way everything looks at you!

Want some help?  Take the time to first date and marry your self.

What??  Yes, I want you to first take the time to date and marry your self!

We need more greatness in the world and you can add to it by simply making the choice...start dating your self and then marry your self.

Good or good?!!  Want more?  Yes...I thought you might!

It's time to rock your soul.  It's time to dramatically extinguish the old beliefs and habits that have been holding you back from success.  It's time for YOU have the tools you've been looking for to live in YOUR highest level of passion, purpose and prosperity.

Why?  Because YOU are long overdue.

It's time for you to be delivered, directed and empowered to your Utmost and Highest Life.  YES...It's time!  Your life is awaiting you. It's calling you.

I can hear you?

You are being invited to fly like a beautiful butterfly.  You are being invited to say "YES" to your Life.  You are being invited to say "NO" to anything and everything that no longer serves you.  You are being invited into your Greatness.

Will YOU answer the call?

Don't hesitate...Be Greater than Great in 2008! Be Super Fine in 2009! And do it again in 2010!

Get started NOW!

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