Do What You Love

Apr 24


Cary Bayer

Cary Bayer

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Do what you LoveMany of us believe that if we do what we love, the money will follow. But when? This article helps you prepare your mind, your heart and your bankaccount, so that if the money follows more slowly than you'd like,you're taken care of. In addition, the purification that this articleteaches, helps speed up the process by which the money does follow.



By Coach Cary BayerLast year, Do What You Love Articles a friend, fed up with her job, had read Marsha Sinetar’s Do What You Love, the Money will Follow, and saw it as a sign she needed to quit and pursue her passion for painting. But after nine months, the money didn’t follow. She’s been living off savings, but they’re running low. She asked what to do.

I said if you do what you love the money will follow, but-- and this is crucial--the time it takes for each person’s money to follow is different. Christ said if we had faith and asked the mountain to move, it would move. Few of us have such faith; fewer still such bulldozing skills. So, if you do what you love so money will follow, take care of three things first.

1. Have a minimum savings of six months of living expenses. These savings provide a cushion in case the money follows slower than you think it will.

2. Keep your heart pure.

Money miracles happen to those whose hearts are pure. If there are people you’re angry with, forgive them now. Open room in your heart for unexpected income to flow.

3. Overhaul your mind.

Your consciousness must be prepared to receive the money that will follow. It’s one thing to consciously believe if you do what you love the money will follow; it’s quite another if you believe when you do what you love, the bankruptcy will follow. A study done among Canadians who struck it rich in provincial lotteries yielded an astonishing discovery: Within five years, the vast majority had gone broke. Governments dumped fortunes into their laps, but didn’t show them how to handle them.

Affirmations prepare your consciousness so the money can follow. Here’s one I recommend: “When I do the work I love, the world is enriched and so am I, as large sums of money flow to me quickly and easily.” Divide your page in three. At the left of the page, write the affirmation. In the middle, write the first response that arises in your mind that disagrees with it. Suppose it’s “If I do what I love nobody will care.” At the right, create a new affirmation to treat that response. A good one for the resistance above is “Spirit supports me when I do the work I love.”

This process honors your unconscious resistance. Writing the response releases it from your being. Write this affirmation 10 times daily for a week, then speak it 10 times a day, with feeling, until its truth manifests in your daily life.

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