What if God was one of us?

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By Coach Cary Bayer

          In the early 15th century,Guest Posting a teenaged girl named Joan D'Arc saw visions in which angels told her to lead the French army against the British.  She was only a girl, but she followed the directions from above just the same.  In the early 21st century, Joan Girardi, the title character of CBS-TV’s  recent Joan of Arcadia, carried on conversations with God more than once every episode, and despite His challenging assignments, carried them out, too.  The program’s theme song asked, “What if God was one of us?”

          What if He was? 

          What if, each week without fail, God gave you specific guidance to align you to your higher purpose?  What if, each minute, God gave you such counsel?   Sure, it sounds great, but what would you do if the directions you were given didn’t seem to make much sense to you or, worse, you didn't like them? 

          Joan, for example, was told, in one episode, to take her best friend’s sculptures out of a school art show; in another to build a boat despite having zero construction skills; and in yet another to take an advanced placement science class despite a poor grasp of the subject.  These seemingly inane tasks (by her standards and ours, as viewers--caused her to kick and scream.  However, by carrying them out, she repeatedly wound up fulfilling a bigger purpose than her less than cosmic consciousness ever could have imagined.   As viewers, we can’t see the methods behind God’s “madness” either--until the end.

          What if God could ride a bus?   On this show, He did; Joan saw Him (quite often Her) on public transportation, in school corridors, in parks, anywhere people happen to be.  Joan got messages from God through ordinary-looking people--mechanics, children, bookstore workers.  Maybe--just maybe--you do too.  Perhaps your Life Coach is giving you assignments inspired by God.  Maybe your significant other is giving you God’s advice.  Maybe a co-worker is God covering your back.  The Creator talks quietly in your mind between your thoughts, and you call it intuition.  God zaps you in your guts loud and clear to tell you when something is right or wrong for you.  God whispers in your ear, and you think, “Something tells me….”

          I used to watch Joan of Arcadia to see how natural it is for a teen-aged girl to get instructions from God.  Then look at your life from a God’s-eye view to see which channels God is using to give you ongoing counsel and feedback.   Then follow it.  You'll be glad you did.


Cary Bayer is a Life Coach with offices in New York and South Florida.  His phones are (845-679-5526)  in NY and (954-788-3380) in South Florida. Contact him at www.carybayer.com or at successaerobics@aol.com

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