Emotional Drive Is Key to Success - Master It or Fail

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Rational thought and logic can enable you to determine what to do and how to do it. But sufficient emotional drive is the only force that will get the goal done. Here is how to master your emotional drive.

Emotion Is the Key Force in Human Life; Master It or Fail

By Robert Taylor

          You can employ rational thought and logic in order to determine what to do and how best to do it; but what you have determined will only get done if you are emotionally driven to achieve it. Some call it drive. Others prefer to call it motivation. Regardless of the choice of words,Guest Posting a deep-seated emotional desire for something is the essential starting point for success in life.

          Emotion, however; cannot be allowed to run wild. If so, it will become a wild fire destroying or damaging everything in its path, including you. Emotion is power that must be harnessed and directed. Below is sage advice on exactly how to accomplish this.

          #1 - Set a goal and become emotionally committed to it. This means that the goal must be an objective which you truly desire. It cannot be a goal that someone else has given or forced upon you. Emotional commitment is a product of two things: desire and belief. In other words, you can only obtain emotional commitment to a goal if you both desire the goal and believe you can achieve the goal.

          Desire and belief are the keys to obtaining deep-seated emotional commitment.

          #2 - Be slightly unrealistic with your goal. You must remember that a goal is something which has not yet been achieved. In other words, it is not yet real. Thus, it is both possible and best to have a goal which others may view as slightly unrealistic. This approach gives you tremendously power. It forces you to reach beyond the current reality.

          You will be forced to go beyond yourself and think, imagine and create in ways you previously had not even considered or thought possible. Going beyond yourself and the current reality is a product of desire and imagination. These two will produce in you a vision and you will then be inspired to work to transform that vision into a new reality.

          #3 - Now, you must subject your vision to the test of rationality. Left to run wild, desire and imagination can produce a vision which is no more than a daydream or a fantasy. In order to make sure this does not happen to you, employ the test of rationality. The rationality test is one of relevant knowledge and resources. A goal or vision is rational if the three primary elements needed to achieve it are already in your possession or can be acquired within a reasonable period of time.

          The rationality test can only be conducted based on actual evidence. No emotion or wishful thinking is allowed. Make a list of the most important things needed to achieve the goal. If the top three are in your possession or can be acquired within a reasonable period of time, your goal has passed the test of rationality. Otherwise, you are engaging in a fantasy.

          #4 - Motivated and consistent work - This is the only thing that can transform a vision into a reality. The more emotion you put behind your efforts, the sooner you will achieve your goal. Your mantras will be the following:

  • I will get the most out of life by endeavoring to get the most out of each day.
  • I will operate from a daily “Things to Do” list.
  • I will surround myself with other success-oriented people and benefit from their knowledge, expertise, successes and failures.
  • I desire and I believe.

In doing the above, just remember that emotion is the life-force. It propels all serious actions and drives for success. Use it, not to make a decision but to implement decisions and visions which have passed the test of rationality.

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