Who are we?

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Chapter III. ... of the person All into all and All is God:In light of stars and dust of road,In silent wood and dreaming ... knocks of heart in your ... is one alive essence whi


Chapter III. Evolution of the person

All into all and All is God:
In light of stars and dust of road,
In silent wood and dreaming flight,
And knocks of heart in your inside.

There is one alive essence which still has not reached the perfection and in which all evolution is embodied. It is a person. In daily life,Who are we? Articles probably, each of us met such contradiction: the quivering attitude of the person to animals and the cruel attitude of the same person to another people. The matter is that he feels the perfection of animals and the imperfection (i.e. a present stage of development) of people. Distracting from the basic direction, we shall notice, the imperfection of the person is influencing on homeostasis of biosphere and it can result in irreversible process of infringement of biosphere unity with pitiable consequences for the person, the similar situation already was and will be described below. So who is a person? Whence has he appeared and when will be reached his perfection?
There are some facts from joint research of anthropologists and geneticists: about 250 thousand years ago there was a first expansion of the reasonable person primogenitors from Africa to the Eurasian continent; the reasonable person with physiology corresponding to us has appeared about 150 thousand years ago in Africa; one woman is a primogenitor of mankind; sharp reduction of prepersons number (it was up to several thousand on one data, it was up to several hundreds on another’s ) was preceded before occurrence of the reasonable person; the (already) reasonable person began the next worldwide expansion about 50 thousand years ago. There are several hypotheses about the reasons of occurrence of the reasonable person, beginning from influence of radiation and finishing influence from space. We shall bring our hypothesis to the common list.
Occurrence of the reasonable person was accompanied by infringement of biosphere homeostasis principles and of unity. Infringement of the first principle of "narrow specialisation" has taken place, when the premankind became omnivorous, premankind passed from consumption of vegetative food to animal. Infringement of the second principle of "adaptability and birth rate" has arisen at sharp growth of premankind adaptability and not reduction, more likely, increase of ability to high rate of birth. We shall describe the script of development of events of that epoch. Some millions years back our ancestors had a little difference from modern humanoid monkeys. They ate basically vegetative food, occupying a narrow niche; otherwise, they were one of parts in a chain of ecosystem. They were complete essences. They lived in harmony with themselves and with an external world though this harmony was not realised by them. They were perfect, more precisely the perfect part of the whole. To them, instead of to modern mankind, Marks's definition "person is a public animal" is approached, by virtue of an animal perfection. The mentality and behaviour of the preperson too were as complete, fully corresponding with ecological niche and a part in the ecosystem with which he occupied. It would be well, if rudiments of the preperson intelligence which we notice at humanoid monkeys have not started to develop.
Researches of monkeys have been carried out at first half of the XX century by German scientist Wolfgang Keller. Ability of humanoid monkeys to the solving of simple tasks has been named "insight", that means inspiration. Insight allows the humanoid monkey to solve a task instantly or never to solve it. Besides, paying attention on the theory of oriented activity and the oriented reflex, open by Russian scientist I. Pavlov, we suppose that the mentality of animals adheres to the following complex of actions. Being based on the main instincts (reproduction and self-preservation), having the centres of pleasure, displeasure and the centre "That such?" (an oriented reflex), during a training, the mentality of the supreme animals is formed through formation of the associative structures necessary for all occasions. When the animal gets in a familiar situation, the mentality finds necessary associative structure and an animal starts to operate according to this structure, achieving reception of pleasure or avoidance of displeasure. In a unfamiliar situation there is a oriented reflex ("That such?") which forces to create new associative structure from already available, fastening of new structure occurs at achievement by an animal of pleasure or at avoidance of displeasure. Therefore animals can quickly change the behaviour at sharp change of external conditions. As against them, insect’s life is completely dictated by instincts. An insect at change of external conditions will continue to carry out the started earlier of actions programme even if it will result in senseless result.
Feature of the preperson is in creating of complex of associative uniting structures with the associative detailed structures. It promoted development of subject’s application and instruments manufacturing, that in turn was the cause of transition to animal food. Ability to detailed elaboration has discharged the preperson from fauna and has given the precondition to development of speech. The first associative structure responsible for detailed elaboration has arisen when a casually cracked stone found the useful application. In the further evolutionary development the mentality of the preperson was divided into two spheres. Associative generalising structures were included in the first sphere. Associative detailed structures were included in the second sphere. It allowed with the help of instruments and joint actions of prepeople with the minimal expenses of energy to direct the whole herds of animals in an abyss or in a bog. It was a first step to infringement of a homeostasis of an ecosystem, infringement of the principle of "narrow specialisation". Ability to hunt on large animals became the cause of a prepeople breeding and moving on the big distances from places where animals were destroyed to places where there were an abundance of animals. For 200 thousand years before expansion of the reasonable person there was a first prepeople expansion. Anthropologists have found remnants of prepeople in Africa and on Eurasian continents. Anthropologists gave them the Neanderthal men name according to a place of the first finding. Neanderthal men are a deadlocking lateral branch of mankind development. That part of premankind which did not begin to participate in expansion and has remained in Africa according to geneticists researches is our direct primogenitor. This part of prepeople has kept the pantophagous as against returning to specialisation at hunting of Neanderthal men.
The use of fire, the creating of dwelling in caves, the manufacturing of clothes from skins of animals became the second step for the homeostasis of ecosystem infringement. Constant rather comfortable conditions of existence of our primogenitors have reduced an interval between mating seasons, actually having made the continuously mating season. Similar process is presently observed in domestic animals. If for Neanderthal men while they were at expansion this increase of ability to reproduction was not acting to any way, for our primogenitors and for an ecosystem where they existed it has turned back great disaster. Unreasonable prepeople number increase was accompanied by destruction of all accessible sources of nutrition; expansion on other terrains was handicapped by Neanderthal men who have already occupied all terrains. The tendency to the expansion, warmed up by intrinsic tendency to a breeding, absence of the united-limiting principle similar to principles of an ecosystem homeostasis, and impossibility to be expansion has broken off a generality of. One way remained to our ancestors. Way was to eat similar prepeople, further it became norm, that has resulted in sharp reduction of prepeople number. All this meat grinder and unnatural selection developed ingenuity of prepersons; they have learnt to distinguish himself from others (for the first time appears an associative structure of self-identification). It was a process having given a push to development of individual and having sped up unnatural selection in struggle of all against all.
It lasted until one family has realised himself (under pressure of a self-preservative instinct) as the united force capable to resist against existing chaos. This was fixed by genetical and physiological change. A potent associative generality structure arose in mentality and on its basis the system of behaviour rules and interdiction are assumed, first of all interdiction on murder of a family member. The further killing (continuation of unnatural selection process) has been directed to interdiction infringers (owners of high aspiration to a breeding and gluttonies) already from the part of a community. Interdiction braked and pushed down the aspiration to expansion into the unconscious. Associative structure linked with behaviour in a community and in a society was formed in "Super ego" (described by Z. Freud as the mental structure not realised by the person arising under influence of social rules and educational interdictions, shown in consciousness as conscience). The aspiration to the interdiction breaking (i.e. a part of structures inherent for an animal including a reproductive instinct and all associative structures linked to expansion) was pushed down under influence "Super ego" into the unconscious. "Unconscious" has been formed by the pushing (discovered by Z. Freud and named as "It"). On border between "Super ego" and "Unconscious" appeared "Me-consciousness" on the basis of associative frame of the self-identification generated during an epoch of struggle of all against all. So was born a reasonable person.
Evolution has destroyed wholeness of animal mentality in the reasonable person. Animals do not have "Ego", "Super ego" (conscience or moral) and complexes that pushed out into "Unconscious". Evolution has allocated these three structures and has fixed their physiological and genetic changes. Now evolution of mentality of the person occurs due to development of these structures and mutual relation between structures without genetic changes. The description of mental processes of the person, his installations (introversion-extroversion) and preferable functions are well submitted in K. G. Jung's works.
Feature of a person world perception consists in following. The person simultaneously perceives general picture of world around a through associative structures of the right hemisphere (the sensing function of Jung) and distinguishes details through associative structures of the left hemisphere (the cogitating function by Jung). A person only details during his conscious process or builds logic chain which does not accept the contradiction (the cogitating function). "Unconscious" comes to the aid for overcoming contradictions. The inspiration (insight) or the intuition forms new associative structure in "Unconscious" and gives out a full done picture into the consciousness, removing contradictions. For example we can see Newton's inspiration at discovering laws of Heavenly mechanics or we can see Mendeleyev's sleep which has opened the Periodic table of chemical elements. The intuition of the person is advanced insight of the supreme animals (the intuitive function of Jung). Frequently the person perceives the situation entirely and determines the attitude to a situation by a principle" it is pleasant - it is not pleasant". That is comparison (not realised) of a situation with structures "Super ego" (the feel function of Jung). Evolution has put (with the help of division of mentality on "Super ego", "Unconscious" and "Me") the contradiction not only inside the person, but also the contradiction between people due to different main mental function in the individual. Actually, because of it we speak with each other in different languages, but about it in the following chapter.
So the person is an inconsistent essence. Its self-identification is limited to consciousness and frame of the body. And the large part of mental processes is not realised, this is processes in "Super ego" and "Unconscious" structures. We perceive phenomenon of "Unconscious" that achieve consciousness more often sharply negatively. Why it occurs? The alive matter law was embodied into "Super ego" of the person (the aspiration to chaos at the bottom level unites system at the top level). The law of a lifeless matter was embodied in "Unconscious" (the aspiration to association at the bottom level gives rise the variety of the top level). The consciousness reflects but not understands this contradiction and remains as a wanderer between heaven and earth.

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