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I truly believe that, no matter how bad or ... an event appeared at the time, ... ... happens for a reason - to teach us lessons as we grow in the ... journey' of life... an

I truly believe that,Guest Posting no matter how bad or traumatic an
event appeared at the time, absolutely everything happens
for a reason - to teach us lessons as we grow in the 'scholarly
journey' of life... and that this only means that something
much bigger and better, something way more beautiful is
waiting for you - somewhere, somehow!

God can weave a beautiful tapestry from even the most
tangled thread of a shattered life. It's just a matter of "
hanging in by the fingernails" with the hidden strength of
character, that we all have deep within us...and which is only
severely tested in trials and tribulations. Like the 'pearl of
great' price, which is produced by the intense irritation of the
oyster. This suffering breeds our great strength of character,
which is within every one of us.

Hard times strengthen our courage and our faith, even if
we can't see it at the time through our severe pain. The
important thing to remember is that we are MOVING, even
when we appear to be "stuck deep in the mire of the smelly
brown stuff."

Sometimes our steps seem to be painfully slow, as I experienced
for a LONG time in my personal journey, yet I never gave up. Faith
kept me going all those long hard years in the wilderness. Now I
can look back and see everything, all the events, traumatic and
happy in my life, that have happened to me, seem to have prepared
me for this unique path, that I'm on. They (+ my life choices made)
have "paved the way" for me to be where I am now in my life journey
and they will "determine my destiny" in the days ahead.

It's not what happens to us in life...it's how we react to what
has happened to us (the "10/90% rule")...and our success will
largely depend on our ATTITUDE to life: through trusting our
instincts, (our intuition, which, I believe, is the way we connect
with God, a Being Far Greater than ourselves (and this connection
to the SPIRITUAL is made through the subconscious mind, which
operates like a receiving and transmission set). Like radio waves.

Enough of my "spiritual theories"...

Craig Lock
"Information and Inspiration distributor"

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