False Promises

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Dealing with false promises in relationships, career, and life in general.

                                         False Promises

I'm sure that everyone reading this article has experienced being promised something and never seeing it. You may have had people promise you things in relationships,Guest Posting career, family, even jobs. But when that  promise is not fulfilled, it feels like a knife stabbing you tremendously. Alot of my false promises came from  people who were telling me that they were going to help me get into modeling or help me get into acting, but they never did what they said. When you have experienced so many times with people making false promises about what they are going to do, you eventually develop a I've heard it all before attitude.  That's the type of attidude that I have pertaining to my career.  Meeting with different so called agencies who were going to book me for this or promising me that they were going to get me in a movie has taught me that some people just don't have your best interest.

Right now there are many women out there in relationships where everyday their significant other persistently promises them everyday that they will never be with another woman or I promise you that in a matter of time you will never have to worry about finances. It's promise, promise, promise, but no action! After while, that woman realizes that it's all nothing but false promises and eventually she will have to make some tough decisions about whether her relationship is even worth it. This also applies to people in general who want to move up further in a job. Your boss is promising you that great promotion, but fails to keep it because he wants to put the person who has been kissing up to him in that position.

People learn to deal with false promises in their own way. My way is never allowing myself to get excited over something until I see action. What I mean is that if a director wanted to meet with me regarding an acting role and promises me that he definitely will cast me, I will not get myself excited over it until I knew for sure that I will be on that set filming. It took me awhile to learn that, but when you get nothing but talk, it forces you to be realistic. That is also another reason why I have this attitude about not depending on anyone to make  something happen for me. The real solution to ending the false promises scenario or dealing with people who persistenly makes them, is to don't depend on anyone but yourself! The sad thing about it is that some people

will have to learn that solution the hard way.


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