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Everybody has got dreams. We all want to do things that inspire and nurture us. But what gets in the way of us reaching our dreams? It is really a lack of belief in yourself and a resistance to take action towards what you want.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that life is passing you by in the fast lane and you're just chugging along trying to keep the car on the road let alone get up to any kind of speed? When what you'd rather be doing is coasting along with the top down,Guest Posting feeling the sun on your face.

Having wishes and dreams inspires and nurtures us, but all too often we find that we just can't seem to get a hold on them. They're just that little bit out of reach and after a while it seems impossible. So you give up dreaming of this, and planning that. Nothing ever works out for me, you think. I may as well give up any hope of attaining anything worthwhile or doing anything amazing. So you carry on chugging down the road, enviously watching other people zip past.

What's getting in the way of you following your dreams is a lack of belief in yourself and even an unwillingness to really try to get a hold on them. What's that about?  Fear of failure? Maybe even a fear of success? A doubt that anything good will come of it. Maybe even a lacklustre conviction that there's no point in having dreams because they never come true anyway.

What if I was to tell you that not only do you have every right to realise every single one of your dreams, but that the only person stopping you from realising them is you.

You can follow your dreams - you really can - by reminding yourself of one thing. That by being mindful of all those dreams, and being open to whatever the universe has in store for you and by focusing on what it is you want to achieve or experience, if you ask for what you want, it will come to you.

It's that simple.

It might be that you've dreamed of travelling the world but you've always convinced yourself that it won't happen because you can't speak a single word of any other language but your own. Or you want to break out of the rat race, buy a smallholding and raise chickens. It doesn't matter what it is - just take a second now to focus on your own particular dream and ask for what it is that would help you realise it.

Perhaps you need confidence in your ability to learn something new. Courage to make that decision. Belief in yourself that you will succeed. Think of yourself discovering that you now have what you need and realising that dream, and now imagine for a while how it feels.

Only you can turn those dreams into reality. No-one else.

And isn't it time you started chasing some of those dreams?

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