Embrace It All

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Embrace It ... Iris© 2003“One does not become ... by ... figures of light, but by making the darkness ... C.G. ... during a coaching session, a new and ...

Embrace It All
Helaine Iris
© 2003

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light,Guest Posting but by making the darkness conscious." C.G. Jung
Recently, during a coaching session, a new and frustrated client was struggling with limiting thoughts about herself and her ability to take her business to the next level. She told me she had been using visualization techniques, attraction principles and meditating on the perfect business. She saw in vivid detail the exact aspects of what she wanted and dreamed of. Still, after several months her lack luster business was flat and her income barely supported her.

She was truly puzzled at her uninspiring results; she felt she was doing everything right according to the “spiritual principles” she’d been utilizing and trusting. No wonder she was frustrated.

I got curious about what might be going on and asked about her limiting thoughts. She told me she wanted to explore them, so we did. With much care we turned our attention to her childhood. Together we wondered about the various messages she received from her family and culture about being a responsible and successful businesswoman. It didn’t take long before she began to uncover the roots of her troubling beliefs.

“Women should stay home and take care of their families. If good happens to me, bad is sure to follow, I’m lazy and can’t do anything right”. These untrue yet deeply accepted beliefs were just a few of the gems she discovered that profoundly shape her. No wonder her business wasn’t thriving.

Once she made the connection and saw the power of these pervasive beliefs it was as if a light bulb went off. She immediately asked me how she could “get rid” of the offending thoughts so her business would grow. I took a deep breath and told her, in my experience, it wasn’t possible to “get rid” of thoughts.

I continued on and suggested that the best she could hope for was to embrace her thoughts; all of her thoughts. The first step was for her to expose the old, incorrect assumptions, bring them into the light of day and then replace them with what is true.

She got very excited at the prospect. She then revealed to me that in fact she was barely even promoting herself in any tangible way to build her business. It became clear to both of us how her underlying belief that she was lazy was fulfilling itself. She was leaning on “spiritual marketing” and some magical thinking to compensate for her lack of ability to actually get out there, talk to people and take meaningful action.

Once she saw that she could embrace her limiting thoughts (that were bound to keep coming up), continue her practices and take action her whole outlook brightened. We set a plan into motion for her to actively engage as a successful businesswoman and build her business into a thriving success.

She’s well on her way.

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!

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