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Jan 27


Eva Gregory

Eva Gregory

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Can you put things in the past and let them remain there? Are you predominantly temper-free? If so you're in the minority. I'm sure you've heard the saying "Live life in the present." It's one of the best pieces of advice for obtaining and maintaining a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.


If you pay attention to young children you will see excellent examples of living life in the present being demonstrated. Ever notice how children can be furious with someone one moment and the next be giving hugs and kisses? Or be crying like there is no tomorrow and the next moment be laughing hysterically at something as outrageous as a silly face? They are masters at living life in the present and seemingly get much joy out of the majority of their interactions,Here and Now Articles experiences, and waking hours. Wouldn't it be nice to just be able to embrace the simply pleasures in life, the ones that are occurring in just that instance? It is possible, but adults have to be retrained. We simply think too much!

No one knew this more than Nina. Nina was a thirty-something year old married working mother of three. While it may not be accurate, she felt that she had the corner on the market for harboring resentment. She resented having to work full-time when she wanted to be home with her kids, she resented the low-paying, high-stressed position that she had with her company and resented her husband for not helping out with the housework and their kids. In short, Nina was incredibly unhappy, but could not seem to shake it. One day he found her youngest daughter sitting outside looking very sad. She asked her why she was sad and her daughter looked up at her and said, "I'm sad like you Mama. You never smile and you're always rushing around." Nina was about to hurriedly deny her daughter's statement when she realized that it was true. She was always rushing around. She almost never smiled or laughed anymore. She was depressed. She often found herself marveling at how happy and cheerful her kids were, but now wondered if her current emotional state and personal hang-ups were having a negative affect on them.

That night Nina decided to list all of the things that were bothering her. When she finished she was amazed at the length of the list, but more amazed at the huge number of insignificant items that graced her list. Later, while thinking in bed, she decided to make an effort to turn back into the light-hearted person that she'd been the majority of her life. So Nina decided to tackle the small things first. It took a great deal of effort and it was hard to change persistent thoughts and habits, but one by one she was able to cross things off her list.

When things got tough, or she slipped back into her bad moods and depression, she thought of her family. Life was too short as it was, and she made a commitment to not spend her time focusing on the things she couldn't change, but on the things that she truly had some control over. She began discussing the items on her list, eliminating them, and giving them their rightful value in relationship to her present happiness. She took steps towards creating a reality that made her optimistic and happy, and focused on living and appreciating instead of rehashing. Nina committed to living her life in the present and letting go of the past.

Do you have a list of resentments too? Many of us do. But like Nina, with some effort, persistence and practice, the art of being in the present fully can be achieved. The key: find ways to quiet your mind, let yourself focus on what is happening right now and do yourself a favor by not multi-tasking. Let go of the things that have already passed that cannot be changed. Like the fight that you had with your spouse, the lack of recognition that you received from your boss, or the rude customer service rep., or the persistent telemarketers. Put your entire being in the present and you will be amazed at the results.

Increased concentration, better time management, and exceptional appreciation and joy for what you are doing at that moment, be it fun, work, or just hanging out; an outcome that most people seek but cannot achieve. Just imagine. You can boost your quality of life, let go of baggage, and increase your attraction magnetism. Powerful stuff, eh?

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