You have to Believe It to See It!

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Do you find much fault in the statement ‘You create your own reality’?  If so, you’re not in the minority.  Many find it absolutely ludicrous that anyone could presume that they’ve created massive debt, a broken home, a thankless job, or unemployment.  But a little exploration will often uncover just the opposite. 

The place where attention is focused is exactly where results materialize.  It’s completely natural to focus on the things that we want changed.  The common mistake is focusing on what is the present reality,Guest Posting instead of what is desired.  Admit it, the complaint about how little your paycheck is, or how short your patience really is, or exactly how many bills are due…  These are all testimonials to what you are currently seeing, based on previous thoughts.  The cycle must be broken.

What’s a person to do?  Embrace the “seeing is believing” saying, but with a twist.  You have to believe in what you truly want/desire before you will see it show up.  Eliminate the doubt, eliminate the negative vibes associated with what is, and dream a little.  Take time to dream about a life that’s free of debt, free of complications, and full of prosperity, fulfillment, peace and harmony.  Isn’t that a pleasant vision?  Close your eyes and think of it for a few minutes.  Is your heart lighter, there a smile on your face, your brow smooth from worry?  Take a moment to gauge exactly how you feel in this moment.  THIS is the present that you created by visualizing your true desired outcome.  These are the types of feelings you should be experiencing in order to manifest prosperity, wealth, good health, happiness, a wonderful relationship, etc.

Alex was in a mood.   He was tired of relationship after relationship going sour.  When he got home from dinner (after yet another break-up) he was depressed.  In an effort to turn his mood around he turned on his stereo and went out on the terrace.  As the glorious colors of the sunset melded into each other and the tunes played in the background he began to relax.  A song came onto the radio that took him back to his childhood.  He recalled hiding at the top of the stairs watching his parents dance to the same song long after they thought he and his sister had gone to bed.  He recalled the oneness of their movements, the fondness and love that they shared for each other that was always almost palpable.  During the song the image in his mind changed and he began to envision himself dancing with his soul mate in their stead.  When the song was over a smiling Alex happily hummed his way off to bed.  The next morning as he walked into work still relaxed and smiling from the previous night, an attractive woman asked him why he was so happy.  He glanced down at her with a jolt, for he never saw the face of the soul mate that he held in his arms in his vision, but the woman smiling up at him had hair the same color.  Alex had gotten the believing it part right and was actually seeing what he had created for himself.

You can do it too.  Release all of the negativity, the “I don’t wants”, the “I shouldn’t have tos” from your life.  Stop living in the past and take the time in the present to design your future.  Only you have the power to create your reality – make it live up to your wildest dreams – as only you can do.

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