Hope Stories Of 3 Children – A Reflection Of The Impact Of Mid-Day Meals

Apr 7


TAPF Author

TAPF Author

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Midday meal programme has been a vital intervention in the efforts towards right to education. Along with government’s efforts, several NGOs have also begun school meal programme for children. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one such NGO that partnered with the government to benefit more children.


The Mid-Day Meal Programme has been one of the most crucial and impactful initiatives in the education sector. The main objective of this programme is to feed the children with nutritious meals,Hope Stories Of 3 Children – A Reflection Of The Impact Of Mid-Day Meals Articles improve their health and support their education.

Akshaya Patra’s intervention

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, an Indian mid-day meal NGO has been nourishing school children for the past 21 years. It is one of the pioneers in implementing the Mid-Day Meal Programme in partnership with the central government, various state governments, and administrations of union territories. Currently, it provides mid-day meals to 18,00,907 children on each school day across 60 locations in 14 States and 2 Union Territories.

Even during the COVID-19 lockdown, Akshaya Patra found a way to feed the children. The Foundation started distributing Happiness Kits to its beneficiaries across India. Each kit consisted nutritious food items, learning materials and hygiene products.

Impact of mid-day meals

Mid-day meals have significantly boosted enrolment, regular attendance, performance of children, and their overall health. It has also contributed towards reduction in drop-out rate. Regularity of mid-day meals and schooling improves health and instils a sense of confidence in children respectively. Below are three stories that clearly showcases the significance of Mid-Day Meal Programme:

  • Sneha, Standard VIII, MP Prathamika Pathashala, Telangana says, “I want to be a teacher who can mould children to become better human beings and perform their duties well.” Her ambition stems from the hardships she has faced, especially with a father who is an alcoholic. She voices out firmly that her father’s irresponsibility towards the family resulted in innumerable difficulties. And she opines that nobody should be like her father who leaves their family to suffer. After years of silently suffering, Sneha received support from her teachers and friends who helped her to take a firm stand against her father. For her, school is like a haven where she finds the peace that is missing at home, and the school meals are her energy boosters. She loves to eat with her friends and vegetable sambar and rice are her favourite.
  • Prajesh, CPS Gujarati Medium School, Daman says, “I want make India a better place. I want to become a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi.” When Prajesh’s family shifted from Surat to Daman, his main worry was whether the schools in Daman would be as good as the one he was studying in currently. So, on day one, when he went to his new school in Daman, his first question to the teacher was “How is the education here?” Not only was the teacher surprised, but she was also glad to have found a promising student. Though Prajesh is a shy boy, yet he doesn’t shy away from suggesting ideas to improve a situation or a process. He has suggested a voting system to select head boy and head girl of the school. He also actively participated in the election campaign of the village head in his locality. While he is getting used to his new home, school, and friends, he says, “Since I come from Bareilly, I did not like the food here earlier, but now, I love it because of Akshaya Patra. I feel it is very similar to what I used to have in Surat. My favourite is roti and subzi.”
  • Sujita, Standard III, CPS Primary School, Silvassa, Daman says, “I want to be a doctor and provide free treatment to poor people.” Sujita lives with her grandparents and had been waiting for her parents until recently when are grandfather revealed the hard truth. He told Sujita, “Your father had left you with us after your mother remarried. And since then, none of your parents have come to see you.” A young child, but with a strong heart, Sujita accepted the reality and always puts up a smile that hides all her struggles. Witnessing the difficulties her grandfather underwent to get treatment for her grandmother, she decided to become a doctor so that she can provide free treatment to poor people.

Step in to support

When you provide mid-day meal, you not only feed the children, but also facilitate their education and enable them to achieve their ambitions. Step in to support the efforts of this NGO in India by instantly contributing an online donation. Your contribution will create an empowered generation and will avail you tax exemption too (applicable for donations of ¹500 and above).