It Really Isn't Who You Know, but Who You Assemble!

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Have you heard of leverage as it relates to achieving your dreams, securing wealth, and financial freedom? Unless you do not have internet access or have been pulling a 'Rip Van Winkle', I'm sure that you've heard of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). Well, despite all that you may have heard, the foundation for a successful MLM is based upon the principles of leverage, a truly powerful concept that has helped many entrepreneurs achieve their own financial freedom.

I can hear you asking the next question.

What is leverage and how does it work?

Leverage is achieving your goal in the easiest fastest manner possible. Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen's The One Minute Millionaire incorporates the tools of leverage. In fact,Guest Posting Michelle's story demonstrates exactly how leverage should be used. For those of you that are not familiar with the book and story, I will not spoil it for you, but the foundation of leverage is using Other People's _____ to help you realize your goal. That blank can be filled in with just about anything, such as other people's ideas, money, time, work, and experience. Is this laziness? Oh no. It is the absolute strength of success, the epitome of the old adage 'why reinvent the wheel.' Someone already has the money to finance your project, the time available to help you achieve your success, the experience to help you develop a course of action, etc. In The One Minute Millionaire Hansen and Allen identify the six forms of leverage that when properly implemented can create, well-- millionaires.

The first step is finding a MENTOR. Someone that has done what you want to do and who can save you a great deal of trial and error by showing you which pitfalls to avoid. Wouldn't life be much different if someone that you trusted was there to say, 'No, don't take that path, this one is much easier and success can be more easily attained.'? Well, that's what a mentor does. Helps you avoid obstacles, maximize your success, and take you under their wing.

Next, ACQUIRE A TEAM. The quickest way to maximize your efforts is to assemble a team committed to the goal. Preferably a team assembled for strength, where the weakness of one is counterbalanced by the strength of another.

The third form is developing a NETWORK. This is the thing that all successful MLM's have in common. Their founders have realized that multiplying the efforts of many produces the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.


It is the thing that makes us believe in fate and serendipity, connects us through attraction principles, and unites us as members of a spiritual complex. How does this relate to leverage? It relates because possibility, potential, and purpose are all components of success, but cannot manifest without the infinite network.

The fifth form of leverage is the USE OF TOOLS & SKILLS. Success comes more easily to those willing to learn the tools and skills that will streamline their processes. Be willing to experiment and embrace technology. Just think how much easier it is to perform tasks since the invention and availability of computers, the internet and PDA's.

The final form of leverage is SYSTEMS. It's much easier to follow an existing path than to carve your own. Success comes from learning the systems that have brought success to others and duplicating them for your own idea.

So how are you going to create your financial freedom? Have you identified an idea, mentor, system, or tool that will bring you closer to your success? If so, why not put your idea to paper and outline how you can make the power of leverage work for you. All it takes is a well thought-out plan, belief in possibilities, and commitment.

You can manifest what you truly desire with leverage.

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