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Are you happy with your ... in life? Or do you find yourself ... if “this is all there is”? If you’re ... you’re a step ahead of lots of other people, who trudge daily to a 9-5 job w

Are you happy with your situation in life? Or do you find yourself wondering if
“this is all there is”? If you’re wondering you’re a step ahead of lots of other people,Guest Posting
who trudge daily to a 9-5 job working to make someone else rich, coming home in the
evening to dinner and then mind-numbing television until they fall asleep, only to wake
up the next morning and repeat the same safe, comfortable rut. Very little personal
growth can take place in and dreams of wealth are not attainable when life is lived in a
safe, comfortable rut.

It’s so easy to do the same thing everyday. And it’s safe and comfortable to do the
same thing everyday. But if you don’t take action then you’re always going to have
what you have right now.

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to live the life of your dreams? Do
you want to have the freedom of having your own business? Do you want to fire your


So you ask, How do I do that? First you have to decide what you want. What is
important to you? When you dream of a better life what EXACTLY do you dream?
Be specific when you answer this question. Start a success journal. Put your answer
down on paper. What kind of business do you want? Do you want to provide a
service or a product? Do you want a business which improves people’s lives? Why
do you want the business you want? How much money do you want to make? What
GOOD will you do with your financial success? How will you give back to your
ommunity? What is your business mission statement?
Make a list of business and personal goals and specify dates by which you intend to
reach each goal. Post your goals where you can see them everyday (i.e. on the
refrigerator, bathroom mirror, your bedroom door, the dashboard of your car, on your

Next train yourself to focus only on the positive. In your mind SEE your-self living the
life you want, SEE the car you want to drive, SEE the house you want to live in, SEE
the good you plan to do with your success, SEE yourself living the life you want to live.
FEEL how it feels to live the life you want to live. The mind is a powerful force.
Thoughts are powerful. You will have what you THINK. If you think I will “try” to
achieve my goals, that is paramount to thinking “I might fail”. Understand there can be
NO possibility of failure in your thoughts or in what you speak. Pay attention to your
thoughts and words. Banish all negativity. Focus and Believe with all your might in
your success. Every night before you go to bed write in your success journal. List
what you accomplished that day to move you toward your goal and specify what you
are going to do the next day to move toward your goals. Take daily action to achieve
your goals. Be persistent.

To recap:

1. Make the decision to live the life you want.
2. Focus on what you wish to achieve.
3. Believe you can have the life you want.
4. Take action EVERYDAY to achieve your life goals.

The possibilities for your success are limitless because they are within you. Hang in
there. Persevere. Think positive. Take daily persistent action to achieve your dreams
and success will come to you.

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Pam Murphy, B.S., RRT

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