Thinking Positive for Success

May 21 21:00 2004 Pam Murphy, B.S., RRT Print This Article

Most people are not ... the business success and living the ... truly want because they are not thinking ... or ... They haven't got a true life vision. Nor ...

Most people are not achieving the business success and living the lives
they truly want because they are not thinking positively or confident
enough. They haven't got a true life vision. Nor formulated a plan to
achieve their life vision. By their lack of "positive-ness" they sabotage
their success. One decision. One small action. One step outside of
their comfort zone. (Mine was getting over a speaking on the phone
phobia). This action can be the beginning of a series of decisions and
actions that leads to a FEELING and KNOWING of "I can do this" and
their ultimate success. Most sadly of all they don't realize they were
meant to live a life of abundance!

For the next few moments imagine there are no limits to what you can
have or achieve. What do you want in life? Let yourself imagine freely
like you did when you were a little child! Nothing is to excessive or pre-
posterous!!! Take out a pencil and paper. Draw a circle. Put in that circle
the most important benefit you expect to gain from being successful in
your business. Draw eight circles around this circle. Place in each of them
other benefits your percieve and expect to gain from being successful in
business. Now close your eyes and put yourself in the middle circle.

Imagine you have attained the success you have imagined.
Put yourself there. Everything in those circles is YOURS.

SEE the house you will live in.
SEE the car you will drive.
FEEL the feeling of accomplishment.
FEEL the admiration of your friends,Guest Posting family and business partners
FEEL the freedom of being in control of your life.

It FEELS good doesn't it? Now KNOW that it is ATTAINABLE!
Know in every cell of your body that your ultimate success is
INEVITABLE! Do not let a negative thought slip into your mind or a
negative word utter from your mouth. Surround yourself with positive
people who uplift you. Negative opinions or utterances of other
people are NOT your reality. Nor do you want the people who speak
them in your life. Live each day POSITIVELY. KNOW that you are

The possibilities for your success are limitless because they are within
you. Hang in there. Persevere. Think positive. And success will come
to you.

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